Horseback Riding Trails

There is an abundance of horseback riding options available to you with trails both within the United States and around the globe. You can choose to experience America’s many picturesque mountain ranges, forests and parks or the tropical beaches and landscapes of a foreign country. There are trail rides by horseback and horse-led covered wagons in addition to overnight camping trips and meal rides. Most places can accommodate riders of all levels of experience and prices vary depending on locations, but most are pretty reasonable. Let’s take a look at a couple of options.

State Parks

If you choose to stay close to home, or even venture to another region of the country, there are numerous state parks that maintain their own horse stables. Some of the parks offer guided trail rides, lessons, day camps and boarding. There are also many that allow you to rent horses by the hour and ride, unescorted, through the scenic trails. Lots of parks also let you bring your own horse and may require a permit for this option. You can take one or multi-day trail rides through the peaceful forests and running streams. Most of the state parks also have accommodations so that you can camp overnight. Almost every state park in the country has a website. Check out the parks in whichever state interests you to get information on their hours, permit requirements and their facilities and services.

Stables & Ranches

Stables and horse ranches are a great choice if you’re looking for some unique riding alternatives in addition to going it on your own. Horse facilities such as these are an especially good option for novice rides because most of them provide some type of orientation and safety lesson before heading out on the trail. Additionally, for guided trail rides, you’ll be led by professional horsemen. Some places will also allow you to ride on your own, as long as you’ve got proven abilities.

Public horse stables and ranches usually offer creatively designed trail rides which include a variety of meal rides and overnight camping trips in present day or old-west fashion. Meals rides include riding the trails and then being provided with a hearty breakfast, picnic lunch ride or Bar-B-Q dinner, depending on the time of day, of course. Overnight pack and camping trips can involve things like cattle and horse drives or covered-wagon, cowboy-style rides through the trails, for example.

Lots of stables also offer accommodations for extended stays in cabins or guest lodges and will have boarding available if you bring your own horse. Do an internet search for ‘stables’ in the part of the country or world that you’d like to visit to find out more.