Horseback Riding in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is home to quite a few facilities which will help to fulfill just about any of your equestrian interests. There are parks, stables, horse centers and two of the finest horse racing tracks in America. It is a very horse-friendly county with many residents owning their own horses. If you’d like to take a horseback ride and don’t have the pleasure of owning your own, there’s some great places you can go to rent horses.

Griffith Park in Los Angeles has become known for its great trails and stables in and around the park. The trails interweave through every section of the grounds and you can ride to each attraction, including the Park’s zoo, by horseback. You can also take a trot up to the park’s highest point which is 2,500 feet above the city, for a stunning, unobstructed view of Los Angeles. There are watering stations along the way and beautiful gardens to enjoy. There’s even plenty of space take a spirited gallop.

At Griffith Park, you can rent a horse and ride without an escort, Western style. The stables are very accommodating; helmets are not required and basically anything goes in the way of attire. Griffith Park Horse Rentals is open 7 days a week from 8 am until dusk and has a wonderful selection of horses to choose from. It’s only $15 for the first hour with a $30 deposit. Every other Friday night, they offer one and a half hour group Western BBQ trail ride for $40. For more information, call 818-841-4024.

The Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables are located in scenic Beachwood Canyon, right under the Hollywood sign, on the Hollywood side of Griffith Park. You can take part in one of the night-time horseback riding caravans to a wonderful Mexican restaurant situated inside Griffith Park and return to the stables around midnight. They also offer riding lessons, lunch rides and horse rentals at very competitive rates. You can call Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables at 213-469-5450 or 213-464-9612.
Just two blocks south of Riverside Drive is the Circle K Stables on Mariposa. They’re open all year from 7:30 am until dusk, except for Christmas day. They also sometimes offer special evening rides. You’ll pay only $15 dollars for the first hour and $10 for each additional with a $25 deposit. Their phone number is 818-843-9840.
Will Rogers State Park is located west on Sunset Boulevard. The park has polo fields, equestrian trails and a delightful, circular stable. They don’t rent horses, however you are welcome to bring your own and ride their trails. They also offer professional instruction if you’re interested in taking lessons. The information number for the State Park is 310-454-8212.