Horseback Riding in Hawaii

There are lots of places to go horseback riding on the beautiful island of Hawaii. You can choose from trails through its exotic, untouched mountains and valleys with fabulous waterfalls and scenery to privately-owned, horse ranches and stables with beautiful landscapes. Following are two options where you’ll no doubt experience the horseback adventure of a lifetime.

Top of Waipio

Top of Waipio is located on a ridge way above the Waipio Valley, where you will find some of the most breathtaking scenery on the Island of Hawaii. This area remains untouched as the sugar cane companies have restricted access to it. You can only get to the overlooks by horseback, foot, ATVs or mountain bikes. Helicopters are not even allowed to get close the rim of the base of the valley!
On horseback, you will ride for two and a half hours through lush, open fields where you’ll encounter cows, sugar cane, wild flowers and views of the magnificent Haleakala volcano, twenty-five miles away. You can also opt for a fantastic five-hour Hidden Waterfall ride. This includes the same beautiful experience of the shorter ride, but continues back along the stream that feeds into the Hi’ilawe Falls. You will ride deep into the rainforest and encounter a series of smaller waterfalls and secret pools. You can tie up your horse and hike down to a very private waterfall which spills into a stunning, ginger-lined pool. Then enjoy yourself as you picnic and swim in this hidden, magical place. For more information on this heavenly adventure, go to and click on the horseback riding link at the bottom of the page.

Dahana Ranch

Dahana Ranch provides safe and fun horseback rides and activities and prides themselves on their ‘Aloha’ spirit. They offer several different riding options and welcome families with children as young as three-years-old. You can take a one and half hour, open-range ‘Ranch Ride’ which covers about four miles of spectacular territory where you’ll encounter cattle, sheep, horses and more including fantastic views of the Mauna Kea and Waipi’o Valley. They also offer a ‘Range Station’ ride for the more adventurous. You can get as loud as you want helping to move their herd of Brahman crossbreds across the ranch. Dahana Ranch accommodates riders of all skill levels but does offer a two-hour Advanced Ride tailored for owners and competitors with lots of freedom on open land. They are open seven days a week with rides daily and by reservation. Visit them at

For a full list of locations where you can go horseback riding in Hawaii, visit the Alternative-Hawaii website’s Sports and Recreation / Horseback Riding page at