Horseback Riding Boots

The types of boots you choose to wear when horseback riding can play a big part in the level of enjoyment you’ll get during your ride. Boots come in a wide variety of styles and are designed in several different categories. One thing for sure is to always choose a boot with a smaller heal, lower arch and no deep treads so that you can avoid getting your feet stuck in the stirrups. Here’s some background on the types of boots that are available.

All Terrain Riding Sneakers / Barn Boots

If you like to stop and hike a little during your day out riding horses, these are a good option to consider. This type of shoe is a cross between comfortable sneakers, paddock boots and hiking shoes. Barn boots, as they’re also called, are lightweight, breathable and very durable and will give you stability along with comfort. Most are made with waterproof materials for both men and women, and are also ergonomically designed with special soles for improved cushioning and air circulation.

Paddock Boots

Paddock boots are easier to deal with than the taller style of riding boots and they’re also much safer than riding in your favorite pair of old sneakers although just as comfortable. They are available in zip-up, lace-up and pull on styles and also provide you stability while you’re on the ground as well as in the stirrups.

Tall Riding Boots

Riding boots that are taller at either knee or a little over in length can not only protect your legs, but also come in dressier styles because they are common attire worn by sporting and competition horse riders such as jockeys, equestrians and polo players. They are usually designed with appearance, comfort and performance in mind and are available in an extensive variety.

Field Boots

When the weather isn’t so nice outside, throwing on a pair of field boots can alleviate the work of having to clean and/or condition your regular riding boots. They are designed to be very durable in addition to comfortable and are a very popular choice for riding or taking care of your horse during nastier weather conditions.

Western or ‘Cowboy’ Boots

The great thing about cowboy boots is that they are genderless and ageless, worn by men, women and children. This type of boot has been around for centuries and although they come in an enormous variety of styles and designs, are still made with the same basic working concepts in mind. The lower heel, smooth sole, height of the boot to protect your legs and convenient finger loops make them easy to pull on are still today, the most popular choice of boot for western-style horse riders.