Hopper Feeders

As a novice bird enthusiast you will want items in your garden that will entice the birds to come and visit. Besides providing water for them to drink and bath, a safe place to eat some food is a must. There are lots of bird feeders that you can put in your garden, but Hopper Feeders are probably an excellent choice for the beginner.

These feeders are also sometimes called Wood feeders. This feeder is very good because birds will feel comfortable here. The Hopper Feeders blend in quite well with the rest of your garden environment. A Hopper Feeder that is kiln dried and made from good quality Western Cedar wood will last for a long time and it will weather to a beautiful silvery gray color.

You can use Hopper Feeders right throughout the year. The Hopper Feeders have all-weather screws to help the feeder withstand whatever type of weather your region will experience. The top of the feeder can be easily opened to store bird feed and to make cleaning the Hopper Feeders easy. Since the Hopper Feeder is made from wood the rain will run off the top leaving the seeds inside nice and dry.

There are some birds that like to eat from a feeder that has a solid perch or platform for their eating ease. Northern Cardinals, Bluejays, Chickadees, Finches and others will come visit this sort of feeder. Owning large sized feeders like the Hopper Feeders will allow you to keep several pounds of sunflower and other seed mixtures in it without any hassle.

This means that you will spend less time refilling the feeder and more time spent on bird watching. A larger seed capacity is very important during the winter. The cold winter season means that with less food in the wild, the birds will depend on you. Your Hopper Feeders will then provide them with a valuable source of food.

The Hopper Feeders can come in many sizes but a good sized Hopper Feeder will measure about 11 ½ inches in length. 9 ½ inches in height and its width will be 9 ½ inches. As these feeders are made from wood you should take care where you will place them in your garden. Squirrels will demolish any Hopper Feeders that have no protection around them.

For this reason make sure that your wooden Hopper Feeders are in an area that has no trees or jumping points nearby for squirrels to take advantage of. Purchasing a good squirrel baffle is also another way to deal with the pesky problem. If you like these furry creatures however you could just place some extra seed away from your Hopper Feeders for the squirrels to enjoy. Whatever you decide, buying any of the Hopper Feeders available will only enhance your garden and bring a great many birds to your feeders.