Hooters Swimsuit Contest Will Make You Hot And Excited!

The Hooters swimsuit contest, number eleven if you must know, will take place on July 18th in Las Vegas. More than 120 girls will compete for prizes amounting to more than $150,000 and of course, the fame. It’s amazing how quickly this relatively obscure event grew, from a small localized affair

Whether you like it or think it really is a “delightfully tacky” (their words, not mine) affair, the fact is that the Hooters concept is a success, both in America and in such countries as Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, China and Australia.

The whole idea originated in Florida. Here, the scantily dressed girls served seafood and chicken wings to the tune of golden oldies. To get the customers excited, the personnel consist of mainly attractive young babes flaunting their charms. Yes, that’s formed the origins of the Hooters swimsuit contest.

There are always questions about the moral issue with the Hooters swimsuit contest. At least as far as some more conservative Americans see it. As for the competing girls; they treat it as a way having some fun, and perhaps a stepping stone to a new and exciting career. Overseas competitors coming to Las Vegas each year, from over 20 countries seem to agree, and the contest attracts more attention than ever.

As the Hooters chain counts around 430 restaurants located in 18 countries, there’s no shortage of international competitors. Every girl dreams about at least participating in the Hooters swimsuit contest. Winning would be an extra bonus Considering that there are 18,000 girls able to compete, it’s rather hard to be the number one in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant. But, for those blessed with attractive figure and talent, the sky is the limit.

You may like or hate the Hooters swimsuit contest, and be one of those who condemn it as a pure exploitation. However, for those girls it’s perhaps one if a life chance to feel adored and admired. And securing the spot in the annual Hooter Calendar is the pinnacle of their dreams.

For any would be stars of television or the movies, or even the proverbial “pin-up-girl”, the Hooters swimsuit contest offers a worthwhile stage where they can show off their charms. The contest itself does feature a segment where the girls get the chance to show off in evening dress, but of course it is the bikini parade that most will be interested in.

So, what’s at stake? Well, Miss Hooters International receives a prize of $50,000. On top of that, numerous appearances in TV commercials run for the company. Of course, all well paid appearances. For other girls, there’s a title of Miss Hooters Congeniality, Miss Photogenic and reader’s choice for various Hooters magazines.

And while the US public is deeply divided over the Hooters swimsuit contest, the glamorous girls keep parading and having a good fun. When the night of July 25th arrives, all will be decided. For another whole year, a new beautiful Hooters queen will reign.