Hoodia’s Effect On Your Metabolism Rate

Have you heard about the initial results of trials conducted with people using a pure source of real Hoodia? The results are very positive, with people showing a definite decrease in the amount they eat per day. Amazingly, Hoodia might by one weight loss supplement that lives up to the hype. Just to really make the point, one particular trial showed that the people who were given Hoodia were able to decrease their calorie intake per day by up to a thousand calories, within just a fifteen day period.

If you are trying to lose weight, and you see figures like that, you’re definitely going to be interested in getting more information about Hoodia. Think about it – how nice would it be if you could just pop a pill, sit back and watch the pounds melt off you? Doesn’t it seem too good to be true. If you look at the science behind how your body works, you will see that, unfortunately, it is too good to be true long term.

The reason you can’t just depend on the Hoodia comes down to a process your body goes through when it experiences a drastic reduction in calories, called your starvation response. As a human being this is a built in function of your body. Everyone has one.

Let’s dive into this a little more deeply:

Before you take your Hoodia, your body becomes used to a certain level of calories that you take on a daily basis. These calories are basically made up of the calories in the food you take, less the calories your body burns throughout the day, whether it is from running its natural processes, or from any sort of exercise you do.

When you suddenly decrease the amount of calories you consume, your body notes it. Initially it may not react, thinking it is just a one-off. That’s why you will start to lose weight in the first few weeks.

But your body is smart. It starts to adapt to the circumstances it faces. Because the circumstances for its survival have changed, it starts to change with it.

For example, back, many thousand of years ago, when we were hunter/gathers, this was the key to survival. You may hunt down a big animal, be able to feast on it for a day or two, even a week, but then have nothing substantial for days on end while you went hunting for the next kill.

When your body finds itself deprived of nutrients for an extended period of time, it slows down the burning of the nutrients and calories that it does have. It does this to give yourself the greatest chance of survival, until your next meal.

The rate at which your body burns calories is commonly called your metabolism rate. The slower your metabolism rate, the slower your body burns the stored calories you have (including fat). As your metabolism rate decreases, your body utilizes less of the calories you do take in, and stores more of it as fat.

By having an extremely low metabolism rate, our forefathers (the hunter/gatherers) were able to survive for days without eating. Their bodies were used to going into what’s called ‘survival mode’ or coping with the ‘starvation response’ (as I mentioned above).

So the lower your metabolism, the more calories you will store (including more fat cells), and the fewer calories you’ll burn off, no matter what activity you do.

So lets now confirm how all this relates to Hoodia, and more specifically how it changes your metabolism rate.

I hope you see here that Hoodia is going to decrease your metabolism rate, the better it works. That’s because it causes you to feel full, and so, you will most probably decrease the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis. When you do this, your body automatically responds by lowering your metabolism rate. So, now with a lower metabolism, if you overeat even a little, it means you’re going to gain weight much more quickly than you lost it. That’s a big negative.

So when you do decide to take Hoodia or any other weight loss supplement make sure you understand how it works, and how that will affect your body. You want to make healthy, effective changes that will give you a long term impact.