Hoodia Weight Loss Results From Three Real-Life Hoodia Success Stories

Finding real life hoodia success stories isn’t hard to do. You can visit just about any website promoting or selling hoodia supplements and they’ll have a testimonial page full of success stories from those who have tried hoodia. The problem is you never know if these hoodia success stories are real or not. Is the seller posting real testimonials or are they made up by the seller in a cheap attempt to get you to buy their product?

The best hoodia success stories are those that are covered by journalists who don’t have an interest in selling you anything. With that in mind, I ran across an interesting story online by WAVE 3, a NBC television station in Louisville, KY. The television station recruited three regular people back in late February who were willing to try hoodia for a twelve week period. WAVE 3 monitored their progress and reported their results. The station recently revealed the final results of the twelve week trial.

The three participants lost an average of twelve pounds over the twelve week period. That’s not all there is to tell in these hoodia success stories. In addition to losing an average of one pound per week, the participants didn’t experience any negative side effects. They also noted that hoodia was much more than just a natural appetite suppressant. To them, it was a catalyst to a healthier state of mind.

This is great news to dieters who may be looking for a little help, but my only question about these hoodia success stories is what specifically were these participants doing during this twelve week period? How much hoodia were they taking each day? When were they taking it? Did they make any changes to their diet? Finally, did they exercise and if so, how much and how often? Unfortunately, none of these details were given in the story.

We are lead to believe that all this successful weight loss was the result of hoodia alone. Normally I’m suspicious of successful weight loss results from hoodia users when they say hoodia alone was the answer. The reason is because hoodia’s role as part of an overall weight loss program is somewhat limited given that it only suppresses appetite. Dieters still have to do the heavy lifting such as maintaining a healthy diet and ideally, maintaining a regular exercise program. However, if these three participants did in fact lose an average of one pound per week on hoodia alone, I’m willing to accept it because that amount of weight isn’t so great as not to be believable.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. To lose one pound of fat per week, you’d need to consume just 500 calories less per day or burn an additional 500 calories per day. It’s very likely that an appetite suppressant could prevent you from eating 500 calories per day. For some that would mean skipping just one candy bar! If hoodia gordonii works as well as many dieters say it does, it’s very likely that it could help you skip one or two unhealthy snacks per day at the very least.

Even without having a lot of details in these hoodia success stories, it still adds to the mounting evidence of the effectiveness of hoodia diet pills. Based on these latest hoodia success stories, hoodia diet pills just might be worth considering if you have a few extra pounds to lose.