Hoodia – The results of a long research

The San-People of the Kalahari and the Namib knew since generations that Hoodia Gordonii is a natural hunger- and appetite-suppressant. Obviously they did not use it to lose weight; they needed it to survive their long hunting trips in the harsh area of the desert.

Only in the last years of the last Millennium, science found Hoodia Gordonii worth, to research the potential of this plant. And guess what they found: Hoodia Gordonii is a natural hunger- and appetite-suppressant. Considering the money they put into this research, it would have been cheaper to actually ask one of the San-People. But then the answer would not have been as specific, as it is now.

Hoodia Gordonii contains a molecule, called P57. This molecule is responsible for various things inside the body and the brain. All of them make us eat less and all of them lead to weight loss.

With Hoodia Gordonii the food gets digested a lot slower than without. It stays longer in the stomach and the different ingredients go slower and more regular into the system. All the food gets used better and the body is not put into the rollercoaster-ride as usual. With every meal, there normally comes a rush of sugar, fat and carbohydrates within a short time. So the system is in distress and half an hour later, there is not much else to do. Now, with Hoodia, the body has more time and of course, can use all the materials better and more efficient.

Additionally, the P57 also works in the brain. Do not worry, it is not LSD and you will not feel dizzy or wobbly. The only thing what will happen is that your hunger will disappear, well, almost disappear. You stay a little bit hungry and as long as you do not eat more than the hunger demands, you will almost cut your calorie intake in half.

You will lose weight, because you eat only half the calories, but you still lead a normal life. Sounds almost too good to be true! But a study, done during the research shows exactly this result: as long as you do not eat more as you need to satisfy your hunger, you will lose weight. That is a fact!

The research shows that Hoodia Gordonii lets us lose weight in a natural way! It suppresses the appetite, it suppresses the hunger and it makes available food last longer!

The exactly same thing, the Bushman would have said to us, just in less fancy words.if just somebody would have asked!