Honor and Trust the Relationship with Spirit

Many people start a new commitment to the spiritual path, or start defining their relationship with Spirit, and then immediately want wonderful things to manifest for them. Unfortunately, this is usually unrealistic. Before you are given access to the unlimited information, or powers of the universe, there is a respect and a trust that needs to develop between you and the spirit realm. Just as you are developing trust for the spirits, they are developing a trust for you. You are building a relationship that takes time, effort, and commitment. Once this trust is developed, there is a mutual responsibility and accountability. You can depend on the spirits and they will depend on you.

Spirit opens doors for you at your own individual level. It is like the employee being considered for promotion. As you prove yourself through time and effort, new opportunities will be presented for you to explore how Spirit, life, the laws of nature, and the laws of the universe work. Like a promotion at work, a promotion to greater consciousness comes with greater responsibility.

Knock, and the door will be opened for you; ask, and you shall receive. How true these words are. However, a relationship with Spirit is like building a relationship with a friend. It requires trust, shared experience, dedication, and much interaction. There is much to learn, and one needs to be prepared for the incredible power that becomes available in the learning.

As energy flows with intention between you and Spirit, and between different realities, your personality will change. You are opening your psychic centers and becoming more awake. Your entire being must make adjustments to include your new awareness. Spirit will monitor what you experience and at what levels you are able to receive information. Not only is trust being built between you and Spirit in this approach, but Spirit knows it is often better not to open too fast to new realities because sudden changes can feel chaotic and threatening. If you were suddenly opened up to completely new realities, the accompanying stress might be detrimental to your long-term growth. Spirit wants you to enjoy the transition, not be scared. Emotional breakthroughs may result in emotional breakdowns if you move too quickly. Be patient.

There are numerous accounts of people becoming spiritually awakened through near-death experiences or devastating illnesses; however, the awakening does not need to be so dramatic to create greater awareness and personal power. I often think of this analogy with my children, when they were small. They loved to sit in my lap and steer the car the short distance from the mailbox to the driveway. They insisted that I keep my hands off the steering wheel because they wanted to drive the car by themselves. I reluctantly agreed, but my caution came from knowing they were unaware of the power of this machine. Gradually, they would assume more responsibility for controlling the car, and one day they will be ready to drive solo. Hopefully, their experience will be a positive one.

One must enter the spiritual realm in the same way-with care and the expectation of adjustment. Awareness emerges in manageable doses until we are safely prepared. Sudden revelation and epiphany have their place in awakening, but one must not assume that they are the only avenues to enlightenment.

The patient path is one of developing a relationship with Spirit that is filled with integrity, love, and service. Do your part. Pray, meditate, practice journeying, and make yourself available for Spirit to work with you. Show respect for life and live from the heart chakra. Continue to self-examine and be committed to growth and spiritual development. As a demonstration of your effort, log your experiences in a journal. As you read and reread the entries, you will discover a subtle but sure change in your being. Many changes will occur, often without your conscious awareness. The journal will help you to retrace your journey and to recognize these changes. I think you will be amazed at how fast Spirit truly does intervene in your life. Be thankful.

There are many ways to connect with Spirit and finding a way to develop this intimate, personal relationship is up to you.