Honest Awareness

My clients range from the extraordinarily wealthy who are looking for the next level in life to the most challenged who are just trying to find their feet. No matter where they are in life, all truly wise human beings know there is another level. Only the most egotistical or the truly asleep have nothing to change. I work with an 85-year-old billionaire who is constantly looking for new ways to serve and improve! Almost daily, I am asked for one suggestion that would have the most effect on people’s lives. My response is that we be sincerely aware of where we are. This means that we have to put ourselves squarely in this moment and look at the situation we have created for ourselves. It does not mean changing time zones in our minds by hoping things will improve in the future, or yearning for the imaginary good old days. In this state of mind there is no leverage to create a life of magic! We must let go of attachments that keep us in a rut, or patterns of action that do not serve us well.

Answering these important questions is a powerful way to immediately shift and change our direction in life:
1. What do I really want? Without a clear goal, you only can go in circles.
2. Where am I now? Asses your current situation without shifting thoughts to the past or future.
3. What actions can I take to bridge the gap? Identify some specific steps to start moving in the right direction. The challenge in the above questions is that less than one percent of the world’s population ever stops long enough to contemplate the ramifications of an unexamined life. The process of reaching inside and searching until we find answers is the only way to move along the path to our ultimate destiny.

Those who choose to ignore this will continue wondering why their results in life never change while blaming others and complaining about their lot in life.

There are others, though, who will take this simple but powerful exercise to heart and make some life-altering shifts in behavior. The process is threefold.
1. Once you determine your goal, direct all your thoughts toward that end. For example, if you want an amazing relationship, determine what that means to you, write it down, and focus on it at least three times a day.
2. Ask yourself what changes you need to make to move towards your goal. For example, do I need to go to the gym, or become more charming?
3. Review your results and, if they are not what you want, change your approach. How often do you need to change your approach? Until you get the desired outcome. Remember that if you do not succeed the first time around, that does not constitute failure; it just means you need practice or a change in approach

I believe the reality in our lives is a direct reflection of the small moment-by-moment decisions we make – the unkind words or actions that cause a cold and indifferent love life; the deviations into smoking or fast food that put us in a hospital bed; the decisions to buy worthless trinkets instead of meeting with a financial advisor that has us on welfare during our “golden” years; the habit of believing that we are the highest authority and looking to man for answers that cause us to miss the peace and serenity that comes from knowing our creator. What will you choose today?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson
American Poet

Copyright (c) 2007 Jason Sisneros