Honda Adds Superior Suction to the Odyssey

Looking for a new car to transport the family? Can’t decide between a minivan and SUV? Minivans are the perfect transportation for families. There’s plenty of seating for multiple guests and considerable cargo spaced available when needed. Still, family vehicles do have their challenges. Transporting children to sporting events, group activities and parks often involve food and spillage. Add in the occasional ride to the vet for the family pooch, and mom’s minivan can quickly become a pigsty! Keeping her vehicle clean becomes one more chore on mom’s never ending to-do list. A regular visit the car wash for a vacuum session is just not feasible, and the messes continue to pile up in the meantime.

Minivans are not always up-to-date with the newest gadgets and features. Fortunately, today’s Honda Odyssey is the product of extensive market research, resulting in a stylish minivan with features tailored to family life. Most notably, the 2014 Honda Odyssey includes a vacuum system built right in! No more driving miles out of your way to spend quarter after quarter attempting to vacuum the very last Cheetos from those once pristine carpets! The built-in vacuum included in the new Odyssey makes life just a little bit easier for every soccer mom and football dad.

This new vacuum system is a power house. Built with the power you’d expect from a shop-vac, the suction of the vacuum is ready for whatever challenges you and your family might throw at it. It’s easy to use too! Simply open the vacuum compartment (conveniently located in the rear of the vehicle) and you will find your extending hose as well as several hose attachments. The hose extends out to ten feet in length, which means that the Honda vacuum system is capable of reaching every part of the interior. Not to mention that the motor for this system runs independently of the main engine. This means you can vacuum your Honda without leaving your main engine running!

Advanced technology is sometimes a hard concept to fully appreciate, and personal interaction often helps to understand how new systems work. Stop by your local Honda dealership to see this new feature in action, or even take a test drive! Every sales member is fully prepared to answer any questions you may have, and prove why the new 2014 Honda Odyssey is the right choice for family’s next vehicle.