Homeopathy Work

A Comparative Look Between Orthodox Medicine And Homeopathic Medicine

“Does homeopathy work?” is often the question that troubles people and hamper them from pursuing further medical advice and treatments when it comes to this field of medicine.

Skeptics often dismiss the fact that before conventional medicine was the simplistic, traditional forms that have truly benefited men during his developmental eras. We haven’t reached the peak of progress yet various developments in the field of medicine shows that we have ran a great deal of distance from where we have first started

To answer the question we have posted above, we would use the principle of comparison between orthodox medicine and homeopathic medicine and will later provide some advantage points on the side of homeopathy.

Orthodox medicine or conventional medicine is the field that dominates our present ails. In general, this views health as the lack or absence of diseases and abnormalities in the human body. Thus, it says that when someone shows no sign of sickness then he is in good health.

But homeopathy views health as something more than that.

It is good to remember that human body was created for perfection yet this is hardly achievable these days due to exposure to various elements that often harms and exploits our health. This truth can be seen by looking at the spectrum of choices we now have in terms of medications alone. Therefore, at any given time the majority of us are deficient in health to some degree.

Homeopathy only considers someone as healthy when he is free from all deficiencies and abnormalities. Say, a person with difficulty in breathing is not healthy at all or someone who is depressed can be considered as not free from emotional hampers, thus he is sick. Or someone suffers from intermittent memory loss, he may be considered mentally ill. And so, homeopathy will restore all these levels of health.

Unlike the extensive and more comprehensive measures used in orthodox medicine, homeopathy uses the body itself to heal itself. Thus, there is no harm done since it only works on the basis of stimulation and not on the integration of certain measures to bring optimum health.

That is very different, you see. Conventional medicine uses surgeries, medications with side effects and methodologies that often have their grave disadvantages. We must note though that since treatments are taken to their highest degree, the results are normally invasive and unquestionably effective. But as we have mentioned earlier, homeopathy only uses simplistic forms of treatment that works on the minimal level. In fact, this field of medicine only focuses on the treatment of symptoms and not on the condition itself.

Another view on symptoms in homeopathic medicine is that these are the body’s way of restoring health, no matter how miserable or uncomfortable they are. In conventional medicine, these are the abnormalities that must be eradicated to come out with a solution for further treatment.

Again, instead of suppressing the symptoms, which is what orthodox medicine does, homeopathic medicine will find remedies on the root cause which therefore promote the healing.

Homeopathy works by looking at the needs of the individual and the individuality of the disease or the ailment. But conventional medicine sees the disease in general ways that leads to assumption that there must be one, ultimate solution to them. This is observed in the particular medications prescribed for all patients suffering from a specific disease. What this principle fails to understand is that each of us suffers in a unique way and each ailment expresses itself in ways other than what is determined as “general”.

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