Homeopathy Materia Medica

What You Need to Know About Homeopathy and Materia Medica

For sure you have already encountered and have even used unconsciously the knowledge on homeopathy. There are certain basic principles that encompass homeopathy which are included in the Materia Medica. This article is written to provide some basic information regarding our subject- Materia Medica of Homeopathy.

For the knowledge everyone, Materia Medica is a medical term used in describing the collection of data in rwaltion to the therapeutic properties of various substances used in curing and healing which we call drug in the medical world.

This was not new knowledge when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann first explored the possibilities of homeopathy in medicine. In fact, the term Materia Medica, itself has been around since the age of the Roman Empire. The direct translation of this term is “medical matters” that is now replaced by medical education contexts in pharmacology.

The earliest written use of the term was in the first century A.D. when Dioscorides, a Greek pharmaco-botanist wrote the De Materia Medica Libri Quinque which literally means Concerning Medical Matter in Five Volumes. In principle, this was the same with how early and modern homeopathic used the term Materia Medica in the field since the five volumes that were first wrote were commentaries on around 600 plant drugs, minerals products and animal products with corresponding therapeutic use.

In a Materia Medica of Homeopathy, it is likely to find detailed remedies for each condition or ailment presented. This is far different from Repertories where illnesses are listed first. In Materia Medica, the list of remedies are written in Latin forms which may differ from the common names as used in herbal forms. This is also much like a picture of description on the variety of characteristics and symptoms that each disease exhibits.

There can be confusion though on the entries in a Materia Medica as they are determined based on their proving. Substances that are use din homeopathy must undergo a series of proving before they can be included into this material yet this, by nature, is subjective since the premise itself can’t be measured accurately.

We must remember that one of the basic principles in homeopathy is that “like cures like”. Nothing wrong with that really except that people have various degrees of reactions when it comes to substances. While the upholded principle could apply for the general public, the individualistic points of view could largely affect their results written under proving which basically create the confusion when reading a Materia Medica.

Nevertheless, such confusions could not deny the fact that when finding a cure for certain disease or ailments, the best source still when in the field of homeopathy is the Materia Medica. Not only does this material include the basic knowledge that a beginner or an expert needs, it is also the product of innumerable studies that have been constantly proven and disproved by various investigators. Additionally, it is also the outcome of the first studies that the founder of homeopathy himself has created.

While it may not be easy to start as a beginner in using Materia Medica, there are numerous websites that help assist people who would want to engage themselves into this practice. Just remember that observance of vital details and acknowledgement of the importance Materia Medica has could be enough to help you understand its guiding principles.

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