Homeopathic Cures

Homeopathic Cures: Samples of Using Homeopathy in Curing Certain Conditions

Homeopathic cures are recommended for use only to target the symptoms and not the conditions themselves. Though this may not have as much comprehensive effects as with that of the orthodox medicine, the extent by which curing the symptoms alone goes a long way.

Since the time of ancient Greeks, men have already realized that similar conditions could heal relatively similar diseases. This idea shows exactly on one of the three principles of homeopathy that is- like cures like.

Since each condition, illness or ailment has a component of vulnerability, it is but likely that certain cures can be found to combat the symptoms. In this article, we have prepared some maladies with corresponding homeopathic cures.

There is a wide spectrum of choices using homeopathy. From seeds to earth minerals, the options for treatment obviously tell us that for each disease, there must be something from nature that could answer for it.

Here we have listed three minor yet very prevalent conditions that often appear in all ages. It must be noted though that some conditions could appear more often in some age brackets.

Homeopathic cures for acne
Acne is the bane of adolescence and the unfortunate fact is, many do not escape its disturbing nature. Some of the more common homeopathic remedies to acne include the use of creams, soaps and other hygienically-inducing substances, aromatherapy, use of herbal medicines and others.

Central to all these is to eliminate the presence of bacterial concentration and more control on sebum production, the natural lubricant of the skin. Typically, sulphur-based products could help lessen the aggravation of acne.

Cold compresses can also be helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by the propionibacterium acnes which is the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of clogged pores.

Homeopathic cures to halitosis
Some of the most common homeopathic treatments against halitosis or bad breath are those that focus on clearing off the sulfur-producing bacteria inside the mouth and in masking off the unpleasant smell. Again, herbs are useful when it comes to this. Among the herbs are the following:

• Eucalyptus is typically integrated with the commercial mouthwashes and toothpastes. Its active chemical substance- eucalyptol is efficient in lessening the level of bacterial production inside the mouth.

• Peppermints, apart from releasing refreshing smell are also known for its anti-septic properties.

• Clove, on the other hand, has been highly regarded even by the ancient Asians as a good mouth freshener.

• Tea tree oil is known for its disinfectant properties

Homeopathic cures for pink eye
Conjunctivitis or pink-eye is condition that is marked with the inflammation of the tissues that line the eyelids. The cause is purely viral and thus, the treatment could only be found using substances with anti-viral properties. Chamomile and eyebright are herbs that typically help relieve the symptoms of pink eye. These often work better when used as concoctions.

While homeopathy offer possibilities of cures, skeptics still can’t help but ask if procedures and substances bracketed under this medicine truly work or is it just the placebo effect of some substances taken prior to the cure of condition. Well, a number of researches shows us that balance must be met somewhere. The fact that homeopathy could truly cause cures could not be dismissed as much as some recommendations don’t actually work for some people.

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