Homemade Camping Gear.

Is the real camping experience for you?

Now days most people practicing camping spend loads of money to get the latest camping equipment. However if you want to truly experience the real camping experience you should ask yourself what is camping after all. Real camping is about toughing it in the woods. So if you are equipped with all the most expensive, state-of-the-art camping gear that is giving you the same comfort you have at home you are not living the real thing. Of course it’s all right if that’ the way you like it, but if you really want to know what roughing is all about then read this. More and more people are talking about homemade camping gear because they want to know what real camping is all about.

Your Three Primary Needs

When you go on a camping trip there is only three things that you really can’t do without.

– Food
– Water
– And Shelter

For Food you can easily bring along protein bars or simple things like hot-dogs that you can prepare over the camp fire. For water you can either bring along a canteen or buy your water in plastic bottles. As for Shelter, you need a tent.

Everything else is just extra to make your camping trip more comfortable. So if you really want to ruff it, food, water and shelter is all you really need.

So when thinking about your homemade camping gear, you should start by looking around your house. Let’s take your shower curtain for example; it can help you in many ways. It can be used as a pack to carry your food and water and can even be your shelter by attaching it to a tree. You see all you need for your homemade camping gear is right there in your house.

Other homemade camping gear technique you could use would be to use a bucket and a plunger as clothes washing basin. You could fill tiny paper cups with sawdust and dipping them in paraffin wax for a good fire starter. Some people use garbage bag with small holes as showers or you could just make a big hole in it as a poncho during rainy days.

If you look carefully at all the things you have in your house and use a little imagination, you will soon find out you have pretty much all the homemade camping gear you need to experience the real camping adventure.