Home Window Security Bar – Foil a Burglar’s Main Point of Entry

Whether you have double hung windows, slider windows or the roll out kind, you will find a home security bar that will both fit and work with them. Even in the event that you forget to lock the window, the home security bar will prevent any would-be thieves from opening it.

On slider doors or windows typically they will generally fit in between the moving section of the door and window in the stationary jam; this would prevent the entire movable section of the window or door from being opened. A home window security bar can stop someone who sees a door or window unlocked from gaining access into your home.

Windows of the type that slide up and down are known as double hung windows, with generally the upper part of the window being stationary. A home window security bar for these types of windows is constructed to fit in between the upper frame and the top of the bottom section of the window to keep them from being opened. For the type of windows that roll out using a hand crank that is located on the inside, a bar can be fitted between the cranks to keep them from being used to open the windows.

An Added Benefit Is Children’s Safety

An added benefit of this device, in addition to preventing a potential break-in, is a home window security bar has a capability to prevent the window from being accessed and opened by children, avoiding possible serious injury if they try to climb out.

Various manufacturers of these bars have them designed so that they need a lock which requires a key to remove in order for it to function, which would give better insurance from stopping a child having an accident through an open window.

A burglar who is adamant about getting into your home however will still have the ability to break the glass of the window which would get around the home security bar. These security devices will typically discourage a casual burglar but a professional one will get through this device if he puts his mind to it.

A secondary option to a home security bar is that of metal window grates. They hook onto the inner part of the window frame and even in the event that the window is shattered and opened, entry would still not be possible. Many people do not like this kind of security device due to the fact that they feel like they are living in a personal prison.

It is a good thing to keep in mind that most security devices primary purpose is to deter a potential crime. They are one step in the prevention process to lessen the possibility of a criminal gaining entry to your home or business. As noted above with the home security bar a thief that is determined can choose to break the window glass and gain access to your home if they are either truly desperate or determined to get into your house, despite any of the security measures that are present.