Home Security Tips – Easy Implementation

Are you a new home owner? Or maybe someone whose home has been burglarized recently? Whatever your case is you may be interested in better protecting your home. I have compiled the following home security tips that are easy to implement (without spending money in some cases). So here we go:

1) Have in mind that a burglar’s three worst enemies are light, time and noise. If he is forced to “work” in the light, or he is going to take too long to break into your home, it’s more likely he is not going to give it a try.

2) Try to figure out what’s your home’s easiest entry, the pass way the burglar would use to enter your home. Do you know where is it? Good! Now try to make it more secure. Tips: Trim trees and shrubs near doors and windows. Prefer low fences which make it hard for a burglar to work in a quiet and hidden place. Use good outdoors lightning for the same reasons: Your house should be a hard place for a burglar to “work” comfortably.

3) As mentioned before, time is another burglar’s enemy. If he is forced to take five or six minutes longer, he may consider leaving. So how could you apply this tip to your home? Try adding good quality and strong locks to your doors and windows, and use them!

4) Noise is a burglar’s third enemy, and here is where alarm systems come to scene! Install an alarm system with detectors mounted on all doors and windows that could be used by an intruder.

5) Do you have valuables, such as fine furniture, paintings, or expensive/luxury accessories that can be easily seen from the outdoors? Try changing the location of your valuables so that they can’t be seen easily from outside. This way burglars will have less motivation to enter your home. It’s also a good advice to keep a household inventory (a list of your most valuable belongings, such as furniture, electronics, etc.) This document could be used when reporting a burglary, and to file an insurance claim as well.

6) Establish a routine so that every night before going to sleep, and every time you are going out and leaving your home alone, you make sure your doors and windows are locked and the alarm system is on.

7) Don’t give information to people you don’t know over the telephone, and teach your children to do the same. Avoid giving your home address in classified ads or any other public notice.

8) Notify police when you see suspicious strangers in your neighborhood.

9) Handle your keys carefully, e.g. don’t use a key ring which has your home address in it, because if you loose your keys and they are found by a criminal, he will know exactly where to go (and not to return your keys by the way!) Don’t leave your house keys inside your car in a parking lot, and finally don’t try to hide your keys in “secret” places outside your home, as most burglars will know where to look.

Applying all these home security tips will not only prevent burglars to enter your home and steal your valuable possessions, but also give you the desirable peace of mind we all need.