Home Remedies for Sterility and the Dietary Guidelines

Sterility is a very common problem seen today where a person is biologically incapable to produce children. It is the problem of a couple rather than of an individual. Sterility can be of either the male or the female partner, so in general, we say that the couple is suffering from sterility. One of the preliminary steps in treating sterility is to determine whether the problem lies with the male or the female partner.

Sterility is also known as infertility. There are two basic types of sterility seen in people. The first type is known as primary sterility. In this the couple has never conceived a child. The second type, known as secondary sterility occurs when the couple has conceived a child, but has had a miscarriage. Primary sterility can be due to the male or the female partner; but secondary sterility is only due to problems with the woman’s reproductive system.

Home Remedies for Sterility

There are several natural and home remedies for sterility. These remedies are inexpensive and safe to use.

– Remedy for Sterility – Grind the aerial root of a banyan tree to a fine powder. Put about 10 grams of this powder in half a liter of milk and boil it. When about 200 milliliters are left, remove it from the flame and strain it. Mix sugar and honey in it. The woman must be given this everyday from the fifth or seventh day of the commencement of the periods. Continue having this milk daily for ten days hence. This is considered to be the most effective home remedy for sterility to make infertile women conceive.

– Remedy for Sterility – For women who are having a normal health but are unable to conceive, this remedy is beneficial. Mix Shatavari choorna in ghee or milk and drink it on a daily basis before retiring for the day. This is an ultimate natural remedy for all the problems of the reproductive system and also makes it possible for the women to conceive.

Dietary Guidelines for the Treatment of Sterility

The men or women who are incapable to produce children must obey the following dietary guidelines –

– Dietary Guidelines for Sterility – All the milk products are found to be very beneficial for bearing children. Drinking on a glass of milk before the sexual activity is believed to be very helpful especially for the males.

– Dietary Guidelines for Sterility – Males suffering from sterility must not consume more of saline, sour, pungent and bitter foods. Foods that are sweet and astringent in taste are good. Sweet dishes prepared in milk are beneficial.

– Dietary Guidelines for Sterility – Females suffering from sterility should take sweet foods and fruits and must avoid alkaline and pungent foods.

– Dietary Guidelines for Sterility – Eggs and ghee are good for promoting conception in both men and women.

– Dietary Guidelines for Sterility – Nuts are good for men to improve both the quality and quantity of the sperms. Groundnuts and almonds are top among all the nuts.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.