Home Remedies For Respiratory System Cleansing

Respiratory-system-cleansing is the final step in body purification. Breathing is a simple but most important process that keeps us alive. Blood delivers oxygen to each and every cell in our body. If, for any reason, oxygen supply to a body decreases, it affects first the heart and brain and then the rest of the body.

Primary purpose of respiratory-system-cleansing is a removal of mucus from lungs and bronchi that accumulates in them. Diet, rich in wheat, meat, sweets and fats, increases the amount of mucus.

Carrot juice is great for clearing mucus from the bronchi. Mix 0,5 cup of carrot juice with 0,5 cup of hot milk, add 1 table spoon of honey and let stand for 4 hours. Then divide the mix into 2 parts and drink each part with 3-4 hour break in between, slightly warming it up before use. Honey can be excluded if there is a need to do so. Continue treatment as long as necessary.

Herbal respiratory-system-cleansing:1 kg of cut onions put in 1L of cold boiled water and boil for an hour at low heat. Add 1 cup of sugar, mix well and keep on low heat for 1 more hour. Prepare a mix of herbs-1 table spoon of Origanum, St. John’s wort, thyme, linden flowers, chamomile and willow herb’s leaves, 2 table spoons of coltsfoot leaves and 1 table spoon of yarrow flowers. Add this mix to onions with sugar and cook for 30 more minutes. Steep for 45-50 min, filter twice and place in dark bottle. The remedy should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 6 days. Warm it up a bit before use. Take 4-6 times a day 30 min before meal. One time dose for adult-0,5 of a cup, children up to 16 years-2 table spoons, children up to 10 years-1 table spoon, up to 5 years-1,5 tea spoon, babies till 1 year-1 teaspoon of remedy mixed with juices.

If you have respiratory problems and consume dairy products, I recommend a trial period of a week or two without any dairy products at all. If your symptoms improve during that time you should consider eliminating all dairy from your diet. You can add natural yogurt back to your diet after a while to see if it poses a problem, and if not, you will know that yogurt is alright for you. Yogurt contains some of the same beneficial flora that is in the Bifidophilus Flora Force product that I mentioned above so it can actually help some respiratory problems, especially for those who have been on antibiotics a lot. Don’t over do the yogurt, however, or you could end up with some of the same problems you had with the other dairy products.