Home Remedies For Jock Itch

While it may sometimes be difficult or slightly embarassing to discuss, jock itch can be a real annoyance if you happen to get it. This ringworm fungus is quite common among athletes, but anyone who sweats a lot in the groin area can easily get it. So, is there a home remedy for jock itch?

Jock Itch Treatment

The best way to treat jock itch is by keeping the area clean and dry. Avoid tight fitting clothing and let the air get into the area as much as possible.

A good home remedy for jock itch is one of the many antifungal sprays, powders and creams that you can purchase at any neighborhood drug store. Some of these include:

Lamisil powder, cream or spray. Lamisil is one of the best cures for jock itch avaiblable on the amrket. I have personally found the spray to be a highly effective jock itch treatment.

Mycelex has a good and effective cream on the market that many have stated works very well.

Tinactin produces a jock itch powder that works in keeping the area dry.

Micatin – Fungoid – Monistat and Desenex all provide jock itch treatments as well that work in curing the fungus.

A home remedy for jock itch that has been used for centuries now is cornstarch. applying it twice daily to the groin area for 1-2 weeks has shown to be effective.

The Many Great Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil Ringworm

There are so many benefits to using tea tree oil ringworm that it would be hard to list them all here. It is simply incredible. So, what is tea tree oil, and how is it used?

In simple to understand terms, tea tree oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the tea tree species. The best place that produces the highest quality oil is from Australia.

Tea tree oil is an all natural germicide, antiseptic, antibacterial fungicide. It is highly regarded and effective in treating all types of cuts, infections, burns, scrapes, skin spots, insect bites and other skin ailments.

Tea tree oil is especially good in healing nail fungus, athletes foot and ringworm. You can cure athletes foot by diluting the oil and rubbing it on your feet and between your toes. So, the next time you have a case of athletes foot or ringworm, put a little oil on it and get rid of ringworm.

For any home treatment, be sure to continue applying for at least two weeks. If you quit too soon you run the risk of not killing the fungus entirely. The last thing you want is the jock itch returning.

The next time you’re sweating creates the jock itch fungus on your groin, don’t sweat it. Just put one of these home remedy for jock itch cures to work and you’ll be feeling much better.