Home Remedies For Headache Treatment – Must Try it

Headaches: just about everyone has had at least one in their lifetime. There’s a lucky few that have never had one. Headaches can be mild, tension caused, or the migraine, the most painful. There are cluster headaches, which is when you have one headache after another. They can occur daily for weeks at a time. While painful and annoying, the majority of headaches do not indicate a serious disorder and, in non-chronic cases, may be relieved by medicines and/or changes in lifestyle.


Primary headache accounts for about 90% of all headaches. There are three types of primary headache: tension headache, cluster headache, and migraine.

What are the causes of headaches?

There are two types of headaches: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are not associated with (caused by) other diseases. Examples of primary headaches are migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Secondary headaches are caused by associated disease. The associated disease may be minor or serious and life threatening.


Following are the signs that indicate the presence of this ailment:

* Headache can be mild, moderate or severe pain that affects the whole head, a part of the head, forehead or the eyes.
* Nausea
* Difficulty in sleeping
* Loss of appetite
* Feeling of uneasiness

Home remedies for headaches

# Apply an ice pack to the painful area of your head. Try placing it on your forehead, temples or the back of your neck.
# Take a warm bath or shower; take a nap; or take a walk.
# Ask someone to rub your neck and back, or treat yourself to a massage.
#A peeled and chopped apple, with a sprinkle of salt eaten first thing in the morning, for at least a week will cure chronic headaches.
#Vivid blue flowers are typical of many of the best nerve herbs and skullcap is one of them. Chop ½ cup of the leaves and flowers and add to 2 cups of boiling water. Steep 15 minutes and strain. Sweeten with honey and drink several cups a day. It can be used to treat epilepsy, convulsions, and any involuntary trembling of the limbs. Skullcap is also used during drug or alcohol withdrawal to lessen symptoms of withdrawal.
#In case of headaches caused by sun radiations, flowers of henna are found effective. Rub the henna flowers in vinegar and apply it all over your head. This home remedy will give instant relief.

Dos and don’ts

* Simple cooked vegetables without oil, vegetable juices and soup, fruits like apple, mango, grapes and fruit juices should be taken in ample quantities. Rice, salad and buttermilk are also good.
* Some sweets and milk products can be taken moderately with small quantities of nuts.
* Hot cow milk is very good to drink.


The following healthy habits can lessen stress and reduce your chance of getting headaches:

* Getting adequate sleep
* Eating a healthy diet
* Exercising regularly
* Stretching your neck and upper body, especially if your work involves typing or using a computer