Home Remedies for Amnesia

Home Remedies for Amnesia
Diet is of utmost importance in the treatment of amnesia. It should be so arranged as to provide all essential nutrients as even a single nutritional deficiency can cause anxiety neurosis in susceptible people. Older persons suffering from amnesia should avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and cola, all white flour products, sugar, food colorings, chemical additives, white rice and strong condiments.
The diet should be restricted to three meals. The patient should take liberally phosphorus-rich foods like cereals, pulses, nuts, fruit juices and milk. Cow’s milk is specially beneficial and the patient should take as much of this milk as he can safely digest.
Certain home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of amnesia. The most remarkable of these is the use of the herb brahmi booti, botanically known as Bacopa scrophulariaceae. About seven grams of this herb should be dried in the shade and ground in water, along with seven kernels of almond and four and half decigrams of pepper strained and sweetened with honey. This should be drunk every morning for a fornight on an empty stomach.
Almond is very valuable in poor memory caused by brain weakness. It contains unique properties to remove brain debility and to strengthen it. This dry fruit preserves the vitality of the brain and cures ailments originating from nervous disorders. Almonds should be immersed in water for an hour or so and their upper red coating removed. They should then be made into a fine paste by rubbing . them on a stone slab with sandalwood and taken mixed with butter or alone. Inhaling 10 to 15 drops of almond oil through the nose is also beneficial in the treatment of brain weakness.

Walnut is another unique dry fruit valuable in brain weakness. Its value will be enhanced if it is taken with figs or raisins. If it is intended to be consumed alone, about 20 grams of walnuts should. be taken everyday.

All the fruits, which are rich in phosphorus, are valuable in amnesia, as they invigorate the brain cells and tissues. The fruits are figs, grapes, dates, oranges, besides almond, walnut and apple. Their use is highly beneficial in loss of memory due to brain debility.

A pinch of finely ground pepper, mixed with honey, is also beneficial in the treatment of this condition. It should be taken both in the morning and evening.

The patient must gain control over his nervous system and channelise his mental and emotional activities into restful harmonious vibrations. This can be achieved by proper rest and sleep. He must also learn the art of scientific relaxation and meditation.