Home Improvements To Your Attic

Home Improvements to your Attic

When I was growing up we lived in a two story house that was small but quite nice and simple. We had no attic or a true basement either. My parents and my siblings made no effort to make up scary stories about the attic or the basement since we don’t have one.

They did tell me all sorts of nasty stuff about the tool shed out back, but that’s a different story. I grew up laughing at friends who were afraid of going up their attics, and they in turn made fun of me being scared of the tool shed at the back of our house.

Now that I’m all grown up, have a family and a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, I suddenly became afraid of the attic. There’s something scary up there and I’m not referring to supernatural kind. I’m talking about attic renovations and the scariest part is the costs.

Fortunately, we are now in the information age where you can get a whole bunch of information from the web. Your friends probably have a lot to say regarding the matter as well. You will have to exert some extra effort in order cut down on those renovation costs.

Remember that renovating your attic is very important. The insulation up there helps keep your house warm. If the insulation has begun to deteriorate, the heat insulation efficiency will change causing you to pay an extra in the electric bill for the colder months. Not to mention you’re sacrificing your family’s comfort and even their health when you ignore the symptoms of an “ailing” attic insulation system.

Okay, on with the show. When you begin renovating your attic’s insulation, start with a thorough inspection of the area. You can minimize the costs of insulation if you actually knew how much more layers of insulation you need. Also, try looking for quality insulation materials instead of packing the attic of the cheap yet low quality stuff. It’s best to invest on a good brand that will last for years.

Batt, Blown, and Rigged are basically the most common kinds of insulation. Blown insulation, which is also known as Loose Fill insulation, is the easiest to use and also the cheapest among the three. The components of blown insulations are usually chopped up fiberglass, mineral fibers or wool fibers. This kind of insulation is used on horizontal spaces.

Unlike blown insulation which is made from chopped up fibers, Batt insulation is made from real fiber glass. Batts are easy to install since they come in rolls which, most of the time, fit exactly between the joints of the attic rafters. The good thing about batts is that they are moisture resistant. However, they are not water resistant. They incur substantial damage when they get wet. The last kind of attic insulation is the rigged type. You can buy this type of insulation in sheets measuring 2 feet by 8 feet.

Be patient when you’re renovation the insulation in your attic. Remember that you’re doing this for your family and in the long run this endeavor will save you money. It is a good investment as well since a well installed and well maintained insulation system can increase the value of your home when you decide to put it up for sale.

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