Home Exercise Training

The single factor that can help you get more results from home training is using full-length mirrors. This is very important to check out technique and evaluate your progress.

Beware; some mirrors will distort your physique – so pick a good quality mirror. You get what you pay for.

What are the benefits of using a mirror while training? You’re making sure you’re doing things correctly, safely, and effectively.

Creating a gym environment at home involves designate a room in your home for just training, making it look like a gym. It is really easy, buy some comfortable exercise mats, rather than exercising on a cold, concrete floor. Put up motivational posters or before and after pictures to remind you of how you want to look (and how you don’t want to look anymore).

For best results, find a motivating workout partner. In this manner, both of you keep each other going, giving support where needed. Eliminate conversation with anyone, so you can focus and keep up the pace. If you’re having company, make sure your workout is done before or after. All of these distractions also increase your risk of injury, so it’s necessary to avoid them altogether. Consider switching off your cellphone and taking other phones off the hook.

Train seriously, like a professional. Train like you MEAN IT. This means you would need to schedule a workout like you would schedule a doctor appointment, and treat it as seriously as you would your doctor’s appointment. Think about it: you go to your doctor to get better, right? You’re doing the same thing with your workouts.

Economics is the biggest difference when it comes to working out at home or working out at a gym. You pay for a membership, and if you don’t go, that’s money out the window. How about this idea: every time you work out at home, put $5 in a jar. That’s about the cost of a one-day pass at a club (many charge $10). At the end of the month, cash in the jar and reward yourself for the workouts you managed to make. Even if it’s $1, that ends up being $25 a month, $5 gives you around $120. Invest it, get yourself a massage, get a new outfit- as long as it isn’t food (dessert) related. Cha-ching!

Pick your spot, stick with it, and lay it on the line. Make the workout work for you. It does not really matter which spot in your home you choose as your workout place (bedroom, living room, basement, guest room), make it your home “health club.” This is the place to “check in” and do your workouts. By being consistent with this, you avoid the distraction of constantly changing your workout environment. Once you’ve made exercise a priority at home, TELL EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO YOU. Remember, YOU are the one who raises your standards by making yourself accountable to other individuals around you.