Home Cures for Children’s Mumps

Mumps are caused by a virus which attacks the salivary glands of the mouth, particularly the parotid glands located on each side of the face just below and in front of the ear. The infecting organism is paramyxovirus. After a child is exposed to a case of the mumps, it takes about two weeks for the disease to appear. Improper diet is the root cause of trouble.

The child-patient should take bedrest for several days until the temperature returns to normal. He should be kept on a diet of fruit juices and other liquid foods. Orange juice diluted with warm water on 50 : 50 basis for few days will be especially beneficial. Other fruits and vegetables which can be used for juices are mosambi, apple, pineapple, grapes, and carrot. The child should be encouraged to take warm-wter enema daily duirng this period. Hot and cold fomentations should be applied after every two hours during the day for about 10 minutes, and should consist of two or three hot applications, followed by a cold one. The face should be cleaned with an antiseptic wash.

The child-patient should adopt an all fruit diet for a day or two, till the swelling has subsided and he can swallow food comfortably. Thereafter, he may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of natural foods, with emphasis on fresh fruits, raw and lightly- cooked vegetables and whole grain cereals.

Certain home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of mumps. The most important of these is the use of chebulic myrobalan. A thick paste should be made from this herb by rubbing in water and applied over the swelling. It will give relief.

The leaves of peepal tree are also used as an effective home remedy for this disease. These leaves should be smeared with ghee and warmed over a fire. They should then be bandanged over the inflammed part.

The use of the herb Indian aloe is a well known remedy for inflammed and painful part of the body. A part of a leaf of this herb should be peeled on one side and sprinkled with a mixture of turmeric and extract of Indian barberry and bandaged over the swelling after warming.

The seeds of asparagus are also valuable in mumps. The seeds combined with the seeds of fenugreek should be ground together to the consistency of a paste. This paste can be applied over the swelling.

The use of dry ginger is considered beneficial in the treatment of mumps. It should be ground to a paste and applied over the swollen parts. As the paste dries, the swelling will reduce and the pain will also subside.

The leaves of margosa are also useful in the treatment of mumps.The leaves of this tree with little turmeric should be ground into a paste and applied externally over the affected parts. It will bring good results.