Home Cures for Children’s Intestinal Worms

The worms and other intestinal parasites which infest human beings are more common in tropical and subtropical areas. Most of these worms and parasites gain entry into the body either through the mouth or through the skin of the feet. Children are more prone to infection from these worms than adults.

The modern medical system prescribes drugs to kill the parasites. They may give temporary relief, but they are more likely to harm the digestive process and create other complications. Nature cure methods, on the other hand, aim at strengthening the intestine so as to purge the parasites.

The treatment for intestinal worms should begin with diet. The child-patient should be kept on exclusive diet of fresh fruits for two days or so. If possible, a small warm-water enema, mixed with the juice of half a fresh lime, may be administered daily during this period to cleanse the bowels. This would help expel mucus and threadworms from the intestine. Bed clothes of the patient must be exposed to sun everyday and he should stay in a well-ventilated room.

After spending two or three days on exclusive fresh fruit diet, the child may be allowed to take raw and boiled vegetables in addition to fruits. This diet may be continued for two or three days, after which he may be allowed to have porridge, or gruel. Thereafter, he may gradually embark upon a well-balanced light diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, milk and wholemeal bread. The diet should exclude fatty foods such as butter, cream, and oil, refined foods and all flesh foods. This diet should be continued till the parasites are completely eliminated. Mud packs and cold compresses applied to lower part of the abdomen will help in the initial stages of the treatment.

Several home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of intestinal worms. Of these, the use of coconut is most effective. It is an ancient remedy for expelling all kinds of intestinal worms. A teaspoon of the freshly-ground coconut should be taken at breakfast. This should be allowed by a dose of 15 to 30 ml. of castor oil mixed in 125 to 175 ml. of lukewarm milk after three hours. The process may be repeated till the cure is complete.

Garlic has been used for expelling intestinal worms from ancient times. The juice of one or two garlic cloves, mixed in half a cup of fruit or vegetable juice, can be given. It will kill the parasites without harming the patient.

The carrot is valuable in the elimination of threadworms in children as it is offensive to all parasites. A small cup of grated carrot taken every morning, with no other food added to the meal, can clear these worms quickly.

The digestive enzyme papaia in the milky juice of the unripe papaya is a powerful anthelmintic for destroying roundworms. A teaspoon of fresh papaya juice and equal quantity of honey should be mixed with two tablespoons of hot water and given as dose to children in the age group of seven to 10 years.

This should be followed two hours later by a dose of castor oil as in case of ground coconut. This treatment should be repeated for two days, if necessary.

The child-patient should be given dry friction bath daily during the period of treatment to build-up general health. Older children should also be encouraged to take alternate hot and cold hip baths daily.