Home Cures for Children’s Appendicitis

The child should be put to bed immediately at the first symptoms of severe pain, vomiting and fever. Rest is of utmost importance in the treatment of this disease. NO solid food should be given for one or two days. The child should be given plenty of water to drink. He may also be given fruit juices diluted with water. Low enemas of warm water may be adminstered in early stage to cleanse the bowels, if the child can tolerate it. An ice bag should be used again for 15 minutes, followed by hot application for three minutes. The alternate use of the ice bag and hot applications may be continued until the pain has subsided.

After the acute symptoms have subsided, the child may be placed on a diet of liquid foods and fresh juicy fruits such as oranges, lemon, pineapple, apple, grapes and papaya for further two or three days. Thereafter, he may be gradually allowed to embark upon a well-balanced diet according to his age. The emphasis should be on whole grain cereals, fresh fruits and raw vegetable salad.

Certain home remedies have been found beneficial in the treatment of appendicitis. Green gram has proved effective in the acute phase of the disease. A handful of this pulse should be soaked overnight in water. This water is used as a medicine for treating this condition. It may be given in small quantities of one teaspoon to the chld two or three times daily.

Regular use of tea made from fenugreek seeds has proved helpful in preventing the appendix from becoming a dumpting ground for excess mucus and intestinal waste. This tea is prepared by putting half a tablespoon of the seeds in 250 ml. of cold water and allowing it to simmer for half an hour over a low flame. It should be allowed to cool a bearable temperature and the strained. It can be given to the child once daily.

Certain vegetable juices, especially carrot juice, in combination with the juices of beet roots and cucumbers, have been found valuable in appendicits. In this combination, 50 ml. each of beet root and cucumber juices should be mixed with 150 ml. of carrot juice. It may be given to the child-patient twice daily. The use of buttermilk is beneficial in the treatment of chronic form of appendicitis. About 250 ml. of buttermilk may be used for this purpose.

The patient of appendicits should adopt all measures to eradicate constipation, if it is habitual. Much relief can be obtained by daily application of hot fomentation and heating compresses. Once the waste matter in the caecum has moved into the colon and thence eliminated, the irritation and inflammation in the appendix will subside and surgical removal of the appendix will not be necessary.

When all the measures have failed and infection is so severe that there are chances of perforation or formation of appendicular abcess then only surgical removal of appendix is necessary.