Home and Herbal Remedies for Sterility

Sterility means the inability to reproduce. In males it means the incapability of a man to fertilize the female egg. In females it means the inability of a female to conceive and give birth to a living baby.

Causes of male sterility

The various causes of male sterility are:

* Failure of the testes to produce sperm
* Low levels of sperm
* Any kind of infection in the seminal tracts
* High pesticide residue in foods because pesticides are harmful in sperm production

Home Remedies for male sterility

* Good amount of vitamin C should be included in the diet as it protects the sperm from oxidative damage.
* An amino acid arginine is needed very much for normal sperm production. Regular intake of amino acid increases the production and quality of sperm. 4 grams of arginine is recommended per day for 4-5 months.
* Vitamin B12 is very beneficial for normal fertility. Its doze should be taken by consultation with the doctor as the amount of doze varies from person to person.
* Liberal amount of mineral zinc should be included in the diet It is recommended in the doze of 20-25 grams thrice in a day.
* Animal foods, fried foods, junk foods and white sugar products should not be taken.
* Men with low sperm count should strictly avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
* Regular moderate exercise is necessary for men and women both.

Causes of female sterility

* Due to Hormonal disorders
* Ovary disorders
* Less production of hormone estrogen
* Blockage in the fallopian tubes

Home Remedies for female sterility

* The eggplant is highly valuable in overcoming the problem of female sterility.
* Application of mudpacks to the abdomen and sexual organs is beneficial.
* A cold-water hipbath is effective as it increases the circulation of blood and removes all kinds of sexual abnormalities.
* The roots of banyan tree are valuable. Mix dried and powdered banyan roots with milk and should be consumes at night for three days after the menstrual periods are over.
* An infusion of the fresh leaves of jambul fruits taken with honey is an effective remedy against female sterility.
* Various yogasanas that are very beneficial for the treatment of female sterility are sarvangasana, matsyasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, paschimottanasana and shallabhasana.
* The nutrients like vitamin C, E and mineral zinc are necessary for the sterility treatment. So food rich in these nutrients should be taken in excess.