Home and Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids are the inflamed condition of the veins inside or outside the rectum also known as piles. It is associated with pain, itching and bleeding. Piles can be defined as the enlarged and swollen blood vessels in or around the anus region. The condition is common among all age groups but the most sufferers are women during their pregnancy time.

Causes of Piles

* Constipation
* Pregnancy- due to increased blood flow.
* Overeating of low fibre diet
* Heavy lifting jobs
* Chronic diarrhea
* Excessive intake of spices and condiments.

Home Remedies for Piles

* Dry figs are most important food remedy for piles. 3-4 figs should be soaked overnight in water and taken empty stomach in morning along with the water in which they were soaked.
* Mango seeds are effective remedy for bleeding piles. The seeds should be dried and powdered and can be taken in the doses of about one and a half gram to two grams with or without honey.
* White radish is considered highly valuable in the treatment of piles. Grated radish mixed with honey can be taken.
* White radish juice with a pinch of salt is beneficial. It should be taken in doses of 70-90 ml in the morning and evening.
* Make a paste of well-grounded radish with milk and apply over piles to get relief from pain and swelling.
* Cold-water treatment helps the veins to shrink and tones up the walls. The treatment should be taken twice in a day by sitting in a tub filled with cold-water up to the chin level.
* Cold compress applied to the rectal area for about an hour before going to bed at night is very beneficial.
* Yogic kriyas like jalneti and vamandhouti are beneficial.
* Various yogasanas such as sarvangasana, vipritakarani, halsana and gomukhasana are useful. Sarvangasana is beneficial as it drains the stagnant blood from the anus.
* A cup of milk boiled with mashed banana and taken thrice a day is beneficial.
* The jambul fruit is also effective food remedy. The fruits should be taken with salt every morning for 3-4 months in the season.
* Make a mixture of half-teaspoon fresh ginger juice, half-teaspoon fresh limejuice, a tablespoon honey, and a half-teaspoon mint leaves and take this mixture once in a day.