Home and Herbal Remedies for Baldness

Baldness means the falling of hair or absence of head hair regularly. Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin which are called follicles. Male Pattern Baldness is the genetic syndrome. An individual inherits all physical characteristics such as eye color, build, height, facial features and hair color from his ancestors.The rate of production of these building blocks determines hair growth. There is a balance between the hair growth and falling of hair.

Main Causes of Baldness

* Age factor
* Genetic factor
* Hormonal changes in body
* Due to Stress
* Poor circulation of blood to the scalp
* Excess dandruff

Baldness home remedies

* Place raw mango pulp in some oil for a year or more. Massage this oil on the scalp regularly.
* Apply a paste of hot olive oil, honey, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder before bath and keep for 15-20 minutes.
* One cup of lettuce, spinach juice taken daily prevents hair loss.
* Grind lime seeds and black pepper in equal number in some water and apply on the scalp daily.
* Application of juice of green coriander leaves on the head is very beneficial.
* Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is very useful in healthy growth of hair. About 200 grams of mustard oil should be boiled with 70 grams of henna leaves.
* One of the most effective method to prevent hair loss is the application of coconut milk all over the scalp.
* Washing the hair with the paste of cooked black gram dal and fenugreek lengthens the hair.
* A fine paste made from pigeon pea or red gram can be applied for treatment of baldness, hair loss.
* Apply a mixture of Aloe Vera with herbal powder triphala to the hair for a period of five to six months. It result in growth of new hair.
* The seed of lime and black pepper ground to a fine paste is also effective remedy to prevent and control hair loss.
* Add one-gram black pepper in 100-150 grams of curd and apply in the scalp. Then wash the hair with warm water and use it twice a week.
* Apply juice of coriander leaves on the head as it is very effective