Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible, A Truly Worth It Hobby

Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible, A Truly Worth It Hobby

May it be a hobby, a passion or a must for you, Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible should fill up a worth it space among your collections.

Truly beautiful and unique, this doll could be enjoyed by young girls and even their moms. It is such a feast to look at. But did you know that there is a real Holly Hobbie?

Who is Holly Hobbie?
Born in 1944, illustrator and American writer, Holly Hobbie, created her namesake fictional character. The name given to her at birth was Denise Holly Ulinkas. In 1964, she married Douglas Hobbie. The author is known for her popular children’s books, the Toot and Puddle, and, of course, being the creator of the character Holly Hobbie.

From Nameless to Stardom
It started in the early 1970s when the writer/illustrator Hobbie started selling various versions of artwork of a little girl with a pet cat, rag-like dresses and wears a giant bonnet, to American Greetings. Because of its uniqueness and mass appeal, it became an instant hit and so the nameless character was named after its creator. From then on, Holly Hobbie, the character was born.

The character became a famous face on shirts, beddings, mugs, plates, figurines, watches, you name it. It really rose to stardom that you can actually see it all over at the time.

Next thing they knew, the Knickerbocker Toys got hold of the license to produce a line of rag dolls bearing the Holly Hobby character in 1974. And this has become a way for the character to have more and more following.

Holly Hobbie Continues to Shine
As years go by, many other collectible toys and animated character designs have filled the market and so Holly Hobbie diminishes into the limelight.

But if you think that it was the end for that line, you are greatly mistaken because in 2006, Holly Hobbie had a comeback and was received well. The American Greetings, together with Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products brought “Holly Hobbie and Friends – Surprise Party” DVD. This is said to be only the first from a planned series of DVDs.

The said DVD was released in March. It stars Holly Hobbie’s great-granddaughter that bears the same name as the original but dressed in a more up-to-date fashion and is involve in timely activities.

This is a good move because it doesn’t alienate the young viewers with the character while retaining the good moral values that the original version wanted to impart in the first place.

Marie Osmond and Holly Hobbie
Marie Osmond Dolls made available two Holly Hobbie dolls from its original line. This is such a collector’s item that debuted on QVC on the 17th of April. Dressed in a customary bonnet, print flowing dress with an apron and boots, it surely is one of the prettiest from the Holly Hobbie collection. It retails at $49.99.

A Holly Hobbie greeting card doll that retails at $24.99 was also made available by Marie Osmond in partnership with American Greetings. The doll, which is seven inches tall, wears a pink hat and simple dress with apron.

Lovable is the right term for the Holly Hobbie Dolls Collectible to become a hobby for most girls who know how to appreciate real beauty. This line is predicted to come a long way still because of its appeal and the moral values it imparts with the different lines it now has.

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