Holidays in India – An Introduction

For thousands of years India has been an attractive country to the travelers. During this modern time India is also considered as one of the best holiday destinations of the world. Tourists from all over the world come to India each year to spend their holidays. If you are looking for a holiday destination , where you can get everything you want ; you can easily opt for India. Go through the following page to learn as how to get best out of your India holidays.

Why India Holidays?

As I have already mentioned, India offers everything that a traveler expects from his holiday destination. If you have fascination for history and historical places, you will be just delighted during your India holidays. There are many prehistoric monuments in India, which will remind you about the country’s rich history and cunture. You may not find another country in the world that has as diverse cultures as India. There are many tourist attractions and attention-grabbing holiday spots that draw thousands of visitors each year. There are also all the modern tourist fascilites are available in India. So, India is a country that you should visit at least for one time in your life.

Things to discover in India

If you come to India, the first thing that will attract you is its incredible cultural heritage. Most of the people of India are Hindus. But there are also people from all other dominant religions. Each of the religion has its own heritage and the followers of the different religions observe different festivals. So, there are many festivals in this country. The India people are famous for their love of arts and rich cultures. So, during your India holidays you can visit many beautiful architectures, monuments with beautiful design, paintings & carvings, temples with fine carvings & sculptures, fantastic forts, elegant palaces, majestic tombs of mighty emperors and many more. Visiting these architectural wonders is a rare experience!

Places to visit in India

The list of beautiful as well as historically significant places in India is long. Taj Mahal has become the part of Indian history. If you want to visit Taj Mahal, you will have to go Agar. If you love to explore the magnificent forts and palaces, you should go to Rajasthan. Kashmir is famous for extra-ordinary natural beauty, beautiful gardens and lakes. You can also visit Delhi to see the India Gate, Red Fort,and Qutub Minar; Kerala to enjoy natural beauty, lovely beaches and backwaters; and Hyderabad to see Charminar, and Mount Abu’s Dilwara Jain Temples. You can also take a tour to the places like Nainital, Ooty, Darjeeling, Shimla,and Manali. Thus, you see there are lots of beautiful tourist places in India.

If you want to enjoy an undisturbed holiday in India, you can take an India holiday package. There are India holiday packages available throughout the year. You can easily contact the online travel agencies, who organize India holiday packages the year round.

Thus, India is a must-visit country of the world. If you come to India, you will enjoy every moment. So, plan an India holiday and explore the hidden treasures of the country.