Holiday Guests

The holiday season is in full-swing, which means many people are likely to have a plethora of guests passing through—from party guests to overnight stays with family members. This is the best time of year to proudly show off a beautiful home, and with a few simple steps, it’s simple to transform a living space into a warm and inviting oasis for everyone who walks through the door.

The Entryway
The entrance to a home is the place people are going to immediately see upon entering, and first impressions are important. Make a home into a welcoming environment by adding exterior details, including holiday wreaths and door accessories.

The decorating shouldn’t end at the door—adding ornamental touches to the foyer floor can not only create a holiday dream, but can also highlight the beauty of a natural stone floor. The entryway of a home tends to accumulate clutter, so remove or organize any stray umbrellas, shoes or other items.

For example, a simple runner added through the entryway, or a tall vase filled with holly berries or greenery can transform an entryway from a basic space to one that’s welcoming and inviting.

The Bathroom
The bathroom is not only meant to be functional—work to create a space that makes guests feel as comfortable as they do in their own bathroom, while also highlighting the design details, including marble countertops and natural stone shower surrounds.

In the bathroom, keep it simple but functional, and the beauty of the room will shine through. Add a few holiday-scented candles to create a glow on the countertop, and create a small basket with toiletry essentials. In bathrooms, less is more, so don’t go overboard with the countertop additions.

Ensure the shower is clean, including the surround, and add a few brand new toiletries. Remove any old bars of soap or dirty washcloths cluttering the space.

For just a bit more holiday sparkle in the guest bathroom, add a bathmat. A bathmat is important to ensure guests don’t slip when getting out of the shower, but it can also be a great way to add cheer to the space, without taking up valuable space. As an added bonus, a decorative bathmat will also draw guests’ eyes toward marble floors.

The Kitchen
Again, it’s important to de-clutter this area before any guests arrive. Clutter can make a home seem chaotic and uninviting, making guests feel uncomfortable.

Start by removing any unnecessary items from the granite countertops, and use a decorative holiday basket or tray to place anything guests might need. For example, the guest tray or basket could include a few snacks, items to make morning coffee and some bottles of water. This will not only make guests feel right at home, but will also draw attention to the natural stone countertops.

For an added punch of holiday spirit, use a decorative cake stand on the counter, and pile it with baked goods, with a note instructing guests to help themselves.

When preparing for holiday guests, there are simple ways to go the extra mile, without too much stress or anxiety. Think of the simple touches that make overnight visits more enjoyable from personal experience, and they’re likely to make a big impression on guests as well.