Holiday Calendar

Everybody loves holidays and the fact that there is no age limit to enjoying your holiday fun. There are many holidays to be celebrated around the world. Each country has its own set of yearly holidays. The best way to know when there is a holiday is to look at a calendar. Instead of the usual calendar what if there was a holiday calendar instead?

I personally think that this is a great idea. In this calendar the holidays would be marked in red so that it would stand out. These specialized dates would be much bigger than the normal days. There would also be a small description of each holiday so that we would know something about that date.

With so many advances in technology it might be an idea to update our computer’s calendar so that it shows us a holiday calendar instead. You could have the ordinary dates in black and the normal size. The holidays would have a difference about them. For instance when you pause over them the date would seem to jump out at you. You could even set the calendar to play some music that seems to go with that holiday.

I am sure that many of you have seen desktop calendars where a transparent window shows you what the date is. How about a desktop calendar where the transparent window that is placed over a holiday causes a 3-D effect? Of course you would have to come up with a way that your holiday calendar will also show the other dates as well. Otherwise you might miss some important dates!

You may prefer your holiday calendar to look like an ordinary calendar that everyone has. This would not be a problem. You would then be able to have a holiday calendar that you can personalize. In this way the individual holiday calendars would carry the personality traits of the owner.

Another idea that I personally like is that of a musical calendar. A musical holiday calendar would be even better. In this calendar the dates would be printed clearly and a little bigger than normal calendars. There would be a clear plastic strip with a little window box across the front side of the holiday calendar. When the window box is placed over the holiday a little holiday musical jingle for that month would start playing. This music would tell you that it is a holiday.

At the moment these are just ideas that I that I like. What if someone came up with a way to make a holiday calendar, would you be willing to buy such a calendar? I know that I would. After all what better way is there to celebrate the holidays than with a holiday calendar. And besides you’ll never miss another holiday again because you were too busy doing something or other.