Hold On Tight To Your Dreams: How To Get What You Want In Life!

How many times have you felt that your dreams weren’t ever going to come true? Whether you’ve tried to make things work and things have failed over and over again, everyone has gone through a crisis of faith to a certain extent, wondering if they just aren’t being realistic.

You might be seriously wondering if it’s even realistic for you to think about creating wealth and abundance in your life. Here’s some food for thought.

1) What you’re thinking is creating your reality

The laws of attraction state that what you put out into the universe either in thought or action will be returned to you in kind.

So, thinking that your dream is unrealistic may not be the best way to begin living your dreams. It’s a negative thought, after all.

Let’s change this thought to the idea of whether or not your goals are reachable. That’s a completely different way to look at things ‘ and it’s a step in the right direction.

If you’re looking to make a million dollars in a day ‘ that’s not a realistic thought. While it might be a dream of yours and perhaps some people have done this, all in all, this isn’t likely to happen.

If you’re thinking about having a fancy car in the next hour, that’s probably not going to happen either ‘ even car dealerships can’t work that quickly. Sorting out realistic and reachable are two different things.

2) You may be limiting the universe

One of the tricks with setting timelines or creating an ‘it has to be done this way’ with your dreams is that the universe becomes limited with this energy. You’re creating only one way for your dream to happen ‘ or not.

But this limitation generally causes your dream to become more difficult to reach. You’re trying to make things happen YOUR way, rather than allowing the universe to take care of the details.

The universe is a powerful force that can figure out a way for you to reach your dreams, but creating an impossible situation for the dreams to occur is something that might not work out as well as you might hope.

You want to have a certain dream in mind, but then allow the universe to start coming up with the way that it can fulfill it for you.

3) What about having goals?

Goals are still a good thing, however, but it’s how you create them that make them work more efficiently. The point is that you need to create goals that you can reach in timelines that you can reach them.

And this is important; you need to do something about it. Many people believe that if they just think successful thoughts, they’ll immediately become successful. This is partly true, but it’s not the whole truth and it may be where you have failed in the past.

Instead, let’s create a realistic goal for your own personal definition of abundance or your dreams.

a) Be specific about what you want and when you want it.

b) Figure out a way to measure your progress

c) Pick a goal that is attainable

d) Again, remember to be realistic about the goal.

e) Try to come up with a timeline

When you stop to break down your ideas of abundance, they will seem a lot less scary.

4) Building up momentum

What you’re doing is starting to build energy for the things that you want in your life. You NEED to think about what you want, a lot, in fact.

Instead of just a fleeting thought about your dreams, you need to constantly refer to them so that you can start using the laws of attraction to begin to make them your reality.

Think of it this way, you can want to date the most beautiful man/woman in the world, but if you never head out of your house, is this realistic?

Take some time to define your dreams. Close your eyes and visualize your life with all of the things that you want, all of the things that you really want in your life.

Really stop for a moment to figure out what it is that will make you happiest in this world. When you have that picture clear in your head, think about how you feel, how your life is, and how content you are.

This is a picture that you will want to carry around in your head whenever things begin to feel too ‘hard’ or complicated.

Being realistic is only part of the equation on the way to your dreams, being clear about what you want is much more important. The universe can only give you what you want if you can name it.