History’s Greatest Success Teacher: Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is arguably history’s foremost success teacher. He regimented the science of success in such a way that anyone who follows it can definitely become prosperous. The principles he laid out in books and lectures have thoroughly permeated the world of success thinking, and his ideas have transformed the lives of untold businesspeople. More people have credited Napoleon Hill for their becoming millionaires than any other individual in history.

If you are serious about learning how to turn your ideas into reality, you’ve got to dig into Napoleon Hill’s work. By embracing the wisdom he shares, you can become just about anything you can imagine—a professional ice skater, a quantum physicist, a pilot, or an innovator in any field you choose! His most famous quote is, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

At the age of 25, Napoleon Hill was prompted by the famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie to research thoroughly, assimilate and deliver a success formula to the world. This work would take many years Carnegie warned Hill, and although Carnegie was worth over $170 billion in today’s dollars, it would be an unpaid job. It took Hill only 29 seconds to decide to accept the challenge, and he began work that day.

Napoleon Hill’s own life experiences were rich with valuable lessons that he would pass on to students. One of his most incredible stories is about his own son who was born without ears, but was able to learn how to hear and speak normally. This miracle that defies logic and flies in the face of modern science came out of strict adherence to the success principles that Napoleon Hill acquired through his studies.

Think and Grow Rich is Napoleon Hill’s most famous book. It was written in 1937 and remains a best-seller today, which is a clear testament to the fact that Napoleon Hill continues to make an enormous impact in the world. As long as people remain genuinely interested in moving forward, Napoleon Hill will wait patiently within the pages of his books to spring forth and help them change their lives forever.

A lot of millionaires say that Think and Grow Rich was the book that really got them going. It’s amazing the number of people I talk to who say that this particular book really turned them on to the idea of becoming successful. You can literally feel the power coursing through your veins when you’re read through Think and Grow Rich—it’s strange. My index finger and thumb were pulsating as I turned the last page.