History Of Sony Consumer Electronics

The name for the electronic company Sony was created by combining “SONUS,” the original Latin for “SONIC,” meaning sound, with “SONNY,” denoting small size, or a youthful boy. It was chosen for its simple pronunciation that is the same in any language. So why is Sony one of the greatest consumer electronic manufacturers?

Since 1946 Sony electronics has been committed to bringing the world the best in technology. Even though Sony electronics has been around for many years, the original Sony electronics was actually called – Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation or more commonly Totsuko. It was only in January 1958 that the company changed its name to Sony Corporation after taking “SONUS,” the original Latin for “SONIC,” meaning sound, with “SONNY,” denoting small size, or a youthful boy. So, the name Sony was used because of its ease of pronunciation in any language!

Apart from looking at simply the corporate world of Sony electronics, there is much more to Sony electronics that makes it a leader in consumer electronics. This innovation comes with Sony not just simply recreating products, but actually inventing new technology.

In May 1960 – Sony electronics was the first company to create the world’s first direct-view portable television. The TV8-301 the world’s first non-projection-type portable transistor television comprised of 23 transistors and 19 diodes, this model was developed based on Sony’s extensive experience in radio technology. In an age when TV sets were assumed to be living room fixtures, this device opened the door to personal television use. Additionally, the TV8-301 model offered three choices for power input.

Sony electronics didn’t stop there, in fact Sony actually moved ahead and innovated more and more. In 1967 they invented the world’s first IC radio, and in 1968 Sony brought us the marvelous Sony Trinitron by releasing the KV-1310 to the masses. Sony has been leap years ahead with its technology in TV sets. And the Trinitron technology has filtered through the years, getting better and better to ‘WEGA’. Sony now brings us the Bravia range of high definition TV sets. In fact the Sony Trinitron was such a major breakthrough in television technology that in May 1973, Sony became the first Japanese company to receive an Emmy for developing the Sony Trinitron color television system.

There are so many new offerings that Sony electronics has brought us, which we did not have before. The Walkman is probably on of the greatest inventions from Sony. Before Sony electronics invented the portable Walkman, there was no practical way of going for a Jog with music playing. Sony also brought us the world’s first compact disc player also, which is something we see included in our home computer, our HiFi system, and our car!

The Sony Playstation is another breakthrough. The Sony Playstation range has gone from 1 to PS2 to now PS3 and it looks like Sony electronics will continue to make breakthroughs in the console market. The Sony Playstation is not quite a PC, but its specs make it pretty close.

Sony electronics is one which has left its mark on history as one of the only consumer electronic companies that has brought to the world so many world firsts. Sony even has AIBO, a robot dog that is just as good as a dog, without the vet bills.