Hire Voice Talent To Make You Sound More Professional

In the world of business, there are many more than seven deadly sins, and one of the worst is not having a good point of contact. It’s all great to go out and try to network with customers, but what happens when a potential or existing customer wants to contact you? Much of the time, they will do that by going to a telephone and calling you. Unless you hire a whole army of receptionists, there won’t always be human voice for them to talk to. Don’t damage their opinion about you and your product by giving them a terrible canned message – or worse, no message at all.

While the owners of many organizations elect to add a personal touch – i.e., be an obvious tightwad – by voicing their own outgoing telephone messages, that can send the wrong message to potential patrons. For instance, do you know for sure that you sounded glad to hear from customers when you recorded that message? Many people record their outgoing messages after anxiety-producing bouts with a new telephone system, and that craziness comes through in the message. Tension can make you sound as though you don’t really have time to speak with a caller.

A professional voice actor, on the other hand, knows how to sound happy and relaxed even when they don’t feel that way. They know how to put your caller at ease with merely the sound of their voice. Even though the caller can tell this is a recording, they won’t be able to control their emotional reaction to the sound of a pleasant, happy voice. They will be glad they called you, and will be in a better mood when they finally reach you, than if they had heard a different voice on the line.

In addition, hiring a professional voice actor will give the impression that you have more help working for you than you do. If you are an army of one and you have someone else’s voice in your system, it will create the emotional impression that you have an assistant – even if people know better. This will lend you the air of success, in a very subtle way. Besides, don’t you want to give your customers something nice to listen to while they’re being asked to hold?

In the business world, it is unimaginably important that business owners create a professional image for ourselves and our enterprises. Everyone knows how to wear the right clothing and say the right things because that has been drummed into our heads for a long time. But there are plenty of other – often overlooked – ways to create a better image and let people see that you are a success. Perhaps you are under the impression that, if you do a great job for people, your image won’t matter that much. Yet, that is frequently not the case.

Many people would rather hire a company with a professional image than a company that doesn’t look quite as good but that does a better job. Something as simple as hiring a voice-over actor for your telephone system can be just the thing to give you that leg up.