Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamps for Your Health

Salt crystal lamps can be beneficial to your health. Himalayan rock crystal lamps have been known to help with many health problems such as sinuses, hypertension, respiratory problems, arthritis, migraines, liver conditions and many more.

These lamps are well known for relieving allergies. There are salt mines that are used for just this purpose. People actually travel deep into the earth to acquire the benefits of salt crystals.

These lamps are made from salt crystal rocks. You can purchase them as candle holders or lamps. The electric lamps may be safer and apparently will work better, although the candles do give off a pleasant flickering light.

These salt lamps are made from salt crystal rocks that nature formed hundreds of millions of years ago. They are mined with caution to preserve their purity and natural beauty. They are pleasant to look at with their soft, warm light and unique appearance.

Salt lamps work like ionizers but without the negative aspects like ozone that unnatural ionizers produce. The salt lamps also possess a healthier frequency of about 100-160Hz. This is closer to our brain frequency of only 8 Hz.

We are bombarded with many higher frequencies every day. The unnatural sources are TVs, radio waves, microwaves, cell phones and computers. These higher frequencies can create nervousness, cancer, insomnia and other diseases.

Salt crystals help fight against these other higher frequencies. The salt lamps also create negative ions that bind to the excess positive ions. This brings the environment closer to nature.

You may have felt more refreshed after a shower or could tell how much cleaner the air was after a rain. This is because of the negative ions produced in these situations. Niagara Falls must produce quite a lot of these negative ions.

The salt lamps can help us by correcting the ions in the air, but also the color it produces though the crystals are therapeutic. The third way is by bringing the immediate surroundings back to earth’s natural oscillation frequency.

Although the lamps may not give the benefits of the salt mines, they are more convenient for most people. The larger lamps work well up to 10 feet or so. The closer you are the better. You could use several lamps to extend this distant.

Many people have found fast relief from these salt lamps. They are affordable for most individuals.

Just think of all the manmade inventions that cause pollution to our earth. Besides the pollution you can see, there’s more that your body can feel such as positive ions, incredibly high frequencies and unnatural lighting.

You can fight back and help balance your own little world by making it more natural. One of your tools could be these Himalayan salt rock crystal lamps.