Highlights Of February In Rio – PART 2

With the second part of the article we will be reviewing the most important events of the 2010 carnival. The carnival became so popular thanks to the numerous samba parades hosted by the many talented samba schools. The two major days of the Carnival are Sunday and Monday. In Sambodromo there are five different parades, as follows:

1. Samba Schools in the Special Group – on Sunday February 14th and the next day on the 15th. This is considered to be the highlight of the carnival. The schools that belong to this group are simply breathtaking, a truly not to miss event. 6 of the best 12 samba schools will march on both Sunday and Monday starting at 5 pm.

2. Champions Parade – start on February 20th at 9 pm but a certain small Italian schools starts with an hour earlier. 6 of the best samba schools from the Special Group will be showing off their talents alongside with a fantastic fireworks show.

3. Samba Schools in the Access Group (Group A) – starts at 9 pm on February 13th. 12 large samba schools from this group will be following the other 12 schools from the Special Group. The champion of this parade will attend to the Special Group.

4. Samba Schools in Group B – this is also known as the small group from which the big schools originated. Each school has about 1,500 participants but the show cannot compare to the other two groups.

5. Children’s Samba Schools – these schools are branches of the big samba schools, formed by the children of each community.

The Carnival Balls are another event that should not be missed. We will be presenting some of the most important Carnival Balls during this period:

1. The Magic Ball at Copacabana Palace Hotel – it is the high point of the night and at the same time, the most important of them all. Luxury costume or black tie/evening dress is required, and a number of international and local VIPs are always among the guests.

2. Ball Masque – Live music taking turns with a DJ and the drummers of one of the best Rio samba schools. Venue: Hotel Sofitel, Av. Atlântica 4240 / Level E – Copacabana

3. Scala Balls – will reach the 29th edition this year and will offer thematic dances every night of the 2010 Carnival. Will feature the grandest indoor carnival party of the Carnival. Venue: Rio Scala, Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 296 – Leblon.

4. Salgueiro Carnival Ball – is most likely a solid opportunity to experience the atmosphere and music of what many consider to be the most traditional samba school – the Salgueiro. The school features a drummer group, its principal samba dancers and the flag bearer and her escort.

Street parties are also a highlight of any Carnival and for this year the following 2 parties are confirmed:

1. Popular street dance at Cinelândia.
2. Outside the Sambadromo.

All things considered, the glamour of the Carnival will surely be very present this year so if you have a few days to spare, why not go to one of the most biggest parties in the entire world?