High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes and Effective Herbal Remedies

High blood pressure is famous by the name of silent killer. In the modern era maximum people suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the result of the force which is exerted by the heart while pumping the blood to the large arteries. Blood is circulating in our body by maintain a fixed level of pressure. But when this pressure is increased it gives rise to hypertension. The pressure of the blood becomes high due to the narrowing of the small blood vessels. Due to the narrowing of the small blood vessels known as capillaries heart feels more stress to pump the blood throughout the body and it results into high blood pressure.

Commonly the high blood pressure is caused due to faulty style of living, excessive intake intoxicants and smoking. Natural pace of life is destroyed by continuous intake of tea, coffee, refined, and cola drinks. Hypertension or high blood pressure is also caused due to obesity, hardening of arteries and severe constipation. Excessive intake of pain killers, food allergies, eating high fat, table salt, processed foods and fewer intakes of essential nutrients may also contribute to the cause of high blood pressure.

There may be no symptoms of mild and moderate hypertension for many years. But the patient may suffer from some symptom like pain in the back of the head and neck while walking in the morning. This pain disappears very soon. Patient may suffer from aches and pains in the arms, leg and back and in the shoulder region, suffer from palpitation, frequent urination, nose bleeding, fatigue and nervous tension, pain in the heart region, tiredness and emotional upsets.

Some herbs can be used to cure high blood pressure. These herbal remedies are effective and don’t have any side effects.

You can use garlic to cure high blood pressure. It is an important herb for high blood pressure. Garlic has the ability to high the low blood pressure and also to lower the high blood pressure. It acts as a blood pressure balancer. You must use fresh, quality and also ideally organic garlic.

Next to garlic, the best herb for the treatment of high blood pressure is Cayenne. If you want to get the best result then the pepper must be hot. It helps in circulating the blood properly.

Red clover is also very helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure. It is a best herb for thinning of the blood.