Hidden Jewel in a Texan Restaurant

Café Josie is not the easiest restaurant to find even for the seasoned foodie. Hiding out behind Portabla in Pecan Square, you can pass this little West Sixth Street gem more than once. You may be scratching your head as you wander past the skillfully hidden marked door several times. Once you do find your way through the door, you are in for a treat for your taste buds. The smells of the succulently flavored cuisine straight from the “American tropics” is there to greet you. Chef Charles Mayes’s kitchen will send you on a virtual vacation with a fusion of Caribbean, Mediterranean, North African, and Middle Eastern gastronomy.

True Foodies will be daydreaming about the appetizer selection. Whether it is the creamy, spicy herbed goat cheese and bruschetta or the Prince Edward Island Mussels Veracruz garlic, white wine, lemon and bruschetta, the starters hear will leave your mouth watering for more. The crunchy-sweet Jerk Pork doused in a Jamaican jerk sauce will have you thinking that you are enjoying a culinary treat while on the island of Jamaica. You can’t go wrong with anything on the entrée portion of the menu. However, if you are making the trip to Café Josie, make sure to check out their seafood! It is one of the best places on earth to enjoy a plethora of seafood dishes that are out of this world in taste.

Whether you start with the crab cakes, enhanced by lime-cilantro and chipotle or the calamari, and move on to mesquite-grilled shrimp with honey-chipotle glaze, or the Pepita Red Fish you are going to get some of the best flavored, well prepared seafood you have ever had. You can’t go wrong with any of their seafood specialties.

Don’t forget to supplement your meal with a good glass of wine. You will be pleasantly surprised by the extensive wine list. Not only does it offer most recognizable California labels, but you can also find a few obscure gems as well. If you are not sure what wines to choose from just ask… most of the time they will bring you a sample of one or two to taste before you buy… gotta love the try before you buy!

The ambiance of the place is … well just perfect. From the hostess who greets you are the door to the waitress (who appeared before you realized you need her) to the well situated, well manicured tables (that are far enough apart that you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of the people next to you). It is a very relaxing, tranquil place to enjoy a lunch or dinner and experience a true culinary delight. Café Josie is definitely worth the searching for.