Here’s a Quick Way to Create Closure

What is the significance of closure to you? Actually bringing something to an end, completion, finale, saying “no more? ” Out with the old! In with the new!

We’ve heard that we must close one door in order to open another, and that it is wise to end one significant relationship prior to entering another one. There is great insight to be gained by releasing the myriad of ideas, concepts and things that bog down our minds. In fact, we must do this in order to create space for a higher level of creative thinking. Many of us surround ourselves with so much incomplete or archaic ‘stuff’ each day and it is amazing that we are able to successfully accomplish anything at all!

We allow obsolete items to occupy space in our homes and closets. We allow archaic thinking to occupy space in our minds. When you catch yourself thinking something that you know you’ve thought before, ask yourself this question “How old were you when you made that decision?” And then ask “Would you like to make a new one?” Rather than choosing to clean house through closure, we leap forward into something new that is easier for us to ponder or to do.

What if we were to search for areas in our lives where we can create closure, once and for all? What if we simply choose to eliminate the things that have been haunting us, i.e., if we finally tackled that garage project, cleaned out our closet, hired a virtual assistant, fired an unproductive employee, stopped worrying about something that we said last week? Why not take this single week to begin to create closure on the clutter in our minds and lives? Clutter will never serve who we are becoming – the individual of great promise and perfection.

We can readily close out what no longer works for us in order to create the needed space for what does. Look a little deeper tonight after supper. Take inventory, and if you find that something is obsolete or incomplete in your life and is holding you back, release it.

Create room in your mind and life to really go for what you want. Close out anything that holds you back from attaining it, now. There is no question that we each deserve the very best that this life has to offer. Closure is one method of attaining it.