Herbal Remedy for Heavy Bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding is common as a woman approaches menopause. As hormone levels begin to shift and there is an excess of estrogen in relation to progesterone, a woman typically will have periods that are closer together with more profuse bleeding. Any type of abnormally heavy bleeding should be evaluated by your doctor to rule out problems such as fibroids, endometriosis, or uterine cancer..
Fatigue is often a problem with heavy bleeding because of blood and iron loss. Drink three cups daily of a nutrient-rich herbal tea such as nettle to help build healthy red-blood cells. Nettle is high in iron and other minerals and makes a pleasant tasting tea. Use two teaspoons of nettle per cup of water and follow the directions on page 9 for making an herbal infusion. For an extra boost of iron, take yellow dock root extract, an herb that is exceptionally rich in easily assimilable iron. You can drink yellow dock root tea, but the flavor is bitter and it doesn’t make a tasty beverage. Take one-half teaspoon of yellow dock root liquid extract or two capsules twice a day until blood-iron levels return to normal.

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