Herbal Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is an indication of tooth decay and is a very common problem. It is mainly caused due to the inflammation of tooth pulp. Pain sometimes originates from other areas and radiates to the jaw, thus appearing to be tooth pain. The most common areas include the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint or TMJ), ear pain, and even occasional heart problems.

Causes of toothache

* Tooth decay
* Mouth bacteria
* Tooth cavity

Symptoms of Toothache

A toothache may be sharp, throbbing, shooting, or constant. If the tooth is not properly treated, it will eventually have to be extracted.

Home Remedies of toothache

* Application of clove oil to the aching tooth is best remedy to reduce pain as it removes any kind of tooth infection.
* Chewing leaves of guava tree provide relief from pain.
* Garlic clove when placed on the aching tooth provides immediate relief from toothache.
* Chewing fresh leaves of spinach not only makes the gums strong but also prevents tooth decay.
* The juice of wheat grass is good remedy for toothache and tooth decay.
* Application of ice pack on the cheeks will reduce pain.
* Pouring few 4-5 drops of vanilla extract on the aching tooth will immediately provide relief.
* Mix a pinch of pepper powder and clove oil and apply on the paining tooth.
* Make a paste of the bay berry bark with vinegar and apply on the affected tooth as it will provide immediate relief from pain.
* Chewing raw onion for 3-4 minutes will kill all the harmful germs in the mouth.
* Intake of sugar should be restricted to prevent any kind of problems related with teeth.
* Good amount of raw vegetables and fruits should be included in daily diet.
* Mix mustard oil and turmeric powder and apply this mixture on the teeth. It is very beneficial in curing all the teeth problems.
* Good amount of calcium should be taken to make the teeth strong.
* Gargling with hydrogen peroxide after every meal remove all the germs and bacteria from the teeth and strengthens the teeth.

Toothache Relief diet

Diet plays a vital role in dental health. The condition of the teeth after they are formed depends upon the foods one eats from day to day. Dental decay, the destruction of the bone around the teeth, and infection of the gums can be prevented with an appropriate diet. In fact, with a proper diet, the teeth and jaw bones can be made harder and healthier as the years go by.
Restrict sugar intake, include raw vegetables in diet

It is important to restrict one’s sugar intake, and to ensure that the diet includes plenty of raw vegetables and wholewheat bread. Whole foods are ideal for the teeth. Fibreless refined foods allow particles to accumulate on the teeth in a sticky mass where they can do great harm. The gums need friction to keep them firm and whole foods also help remove plaque. They are therefore called ‘detergent foods’ by some dentists. In preventing tooth decay, what one eats is no doubt important but equally important is when one eats