Herbal cure for Parasites

Parasites are the organisms that depend on other living organisms for their nourishment and protection. There are more than 100 categories of parasitic worms that live in human bodies. These parasites can make the animal as host. They are the main factors which lead to waterborne diseases. They enter the human body through the medium of food and water.

Causes of parasites

* Poor digestion and elimination
* Bacterial imbalance
* Diet low in fibre

Home Remedies for parasites

* Half gram of Sprague powder with an equal amount of molasses is very beneficial for the removal of all types of parasitic worms.
* Daily intake of two grated carrots with an empty stomach in the morning removes worms and is one of best herbal remedy for parasites.
* Spearmint juice with lemon and black salt is antiworming.
* Daily drinking of coconut water and chewing coconut continuously for 4-5 days removes worms.
* Drink 200-250 grams of milk with 2 teaspoonful of castor oil to remove the worms with stools.
* Take half gram Sprague powder with a pinch of black salt at night with warm water daily for parasite treatment.
* Powder the seeds of lemon and take a pinch of these seeds daily with warm water to cure parasites.
* Daily intake of pomegranate juice removes stomach worms.
* Seeds of papaya mashes with milk taken with one teaspoon of castor oil remove worms.
* Spiegel seeds with roasted fennel in equal amounts taken twice daily highly beneficial.
* Drink buttermilk with half gram Sprague powder. In adults 2 grams of powder with 125 ml of buttermilk is effective. This can be done for 4-7 days depending on the requirement.
* Take 2-3 red tomatoes, cut them into 4-5 pieces and apply black salt and black pepper, eat them with an empty stomach daily for 3 days to 3 weeks. This treatment helps in curing teeth biting and also cleans the tongue.
* The seeds of the ripe pumpkin are very useful in the removal of tapeworms. Make an infusion after peeling and crushing the seeds.
* The juice of boiled dry prunes taken after fasting for a day is helpful in the removal of the worms.
* Fatty foods such as butter, cream, oil, refined foods and all flesh foods should not be taken.