Helping Others to Help Themselves: Graduates Jobs in Recruiting

Graduates who are looking for jobs in the United Kingdom will often consult with job recruiting firms to help find temporary and permanent work. These young professionals will be put through application, assessment, and placement processes before they find their perfect job. However, many graduates seem to forget about a job opportunity that is right in front of their faces. Job recruiting firms are constantly seeking young professionals for recruiting, training, and assessment positions in order to appeal to the graduate classes that come out of United Kingdom universities every year.

While graduates may just think about general recruiting firms for their job hunt, there are many specialty recruiting firms looking for graduates with specific skills. Engineering graduates can find jobs at technical recruiting firms that look specifically for new engineering graduates for jobs in the automotive and manufacturing industry. Other young professionals can find jobs at sales recruiting agencies that look for contract and permanent positions for new graduates in the sales field. There are an almost endless number of recruiting firms in the UK and Europe that offer specialty and general recruiting services for graduates.

The increasing number of UK recruiting firms means that there are plenty of positions for graduates interested in the recruiting field. Graduates can work as general recruiters, who sift through graduate applications to find the right applicants for open positions offered by the agency. Other graduates can work as interviewers, who specialize in asking the right questions of new graduates interested in employment through the agency. Finally, many recruiting agencies provide apprenticeship or internship type positions for graduates interested in positions as trainers. Trainers at recruiting agencies offer a number of different services, including important job skills and an overview of the graduate’s particular industry.

Graduates interested in the recruiting field need to understand the characteristics necessary for success as recruiting professionals. Clear communication skills are paramount to success for these professionals, as they need to speak with applicants and recruiting companies on a daily basis. Recruiters also need to understand a variety of professions and industries to a rather specific degree in order to boil it down to simple facts for applicants interested in these fields. Finally, recruiting graduates need to be able to relate to burgeoning professionals who are looking for their first job experiences. Recruiters typically make between 22,000 and 30,000 pounds per year, depending on the size of recruiting firm.