Helping Others By Simply Doing Your Own Thing

There are those who benefit many others in the world not by trying to help people, but by simply doing their own thing. If you are doing something because you think people have need for you to do it, then you are perceiving lack in the world. The truth is that the world is whole, complete and there is nothing lacking in it. Since that is the case, you can do whatever you wish simply because it brings you joy. By doing what you want and like, you’ll be helping from a position of wholeness instead of lack.

Spirit is always moving someone, somewhere to do something if that thing needs to be done. No one has to do a particular thing or play a particular role permanently. You may be drawn to doing something for awhile by your heart’s desire, and then your heart’s desire changes to something else later. Don’t worry that no one is going to do the thing if you leave it. Spirit will move someone else to replace you after you are gone. Whatever you feel like doing in the moment is exactly what spirit is guiding you to do.

Some people may look down on the work of others as of a lesser purpose. The truth is that we are all working together for the same higher purpose of the universe which is the total and complete expression of God. There is no greater or lesser purpose in what we do as long as we are acting from spirit which is by doing what we truly desire to do in the present moment. Every living and non living thing has its part in nature. Every person has his place in the world. The world is complete with every work.

We are all different parts of the same body. Imagine if the eyes say to the feet that it is more important therefore the feet is not needed, or the heart telling the liver that it has higher value in the body. Every part of the body is needed for the whole body to function. What you are doing is not more important and less important than others, it is just different. The only way you can compare with others is by how much you are doing what you do to the best of your ability. The best are the ones that give their best.

There is One Mind that controls the whole body. It is the mind of the universe or the mind of God. The desire within each being is the nerve impulse that is sent from the One Mind directing it to do a certain action. When the feet has a desire to move forwards, it is because the eyes have a desire to take a closer look at something. When you desire to create or express something, it is because a person or group of people have a desire to experience it. The Mind of All coordinates all intents and fulfillment.

Sometimes we think that people who take care of more basic needs or even religious needs are doing more important work. The work of the farmer is thought of as more important than the work of the painter. The role of the pastor is thought to be more necessary than the role of an entertainer. We think that doing what brings bread to the table is more important than doing what makes our hearts sing. We think that listening to someone preach is enough without need for having someone who make us laugh.

The universe is abundant with a role for everyone to play without needing you to do anything for it at all, but to simply express what your heart desires because it is a role that the universe has called you to play. The artist, the musician and the sportsman simply does their thing and get paid lots of money for it. They are able to inspire millions of people with the work that they do because it comes from their heart and they put in their soul in it. They are not doing some lesser purpose but the work of God.

Do something because you want to and not because someone else says they need you to. The truth is that if the universe has called you to do something, it will place a desire in your heart for you to do so. You do not need to do anything to help anybody. If you do something you very much dislike and do not have the desire to do just to compromise your needs for the needs of another, you are not really helping them or yourself. You are seeking to please men rather than God by not being true to yourself.

Do not worry when someone seems to need help but you do not have the desire to help them. It means that the universe has not chosen you to help them but it has chosen somebody else. The universe has chosen you to help those whom it has given you the desire to help. You should never force yourself to help those who seem to need more of your help instead those you truly desire to help. As for those whom you feel a strong desire to bless, you can give as much as you desire without fear of lack.

Your spiritual need is satisfied when you do inspired work because you have expressed the urge of spirit in you. Stop doubting what you are doing by thinking you should be doing this other thing that is supposedly more practical. A body part finds it a struggle to move when the brain did not send a nerve impulse for it to move but it thinks it has to move. When you do what spirit is guiding you to do, all the energy, the drive and the resources are present for the best achievement of the work no matter what it is.

When you do something just because it is your passion, don’t be surprised when people come and tell you how much they benefit or are inspired by what you do. When you do what you truly desire to do because it is what makes your heart sing, you will automatically benefit a whole lot of people in this world. That is how you help others without even trying to help at all. Live life like it is heaven on earth, where everything is provided and you can simply do what you enjoy. This truly is a heaven that we live in.