Help To Overcome Fear Of Flying

A fear or phobia can hold you back in many ways. Some fears have a greater reach than others. An outsider may assume that fear of flying isn’t so bad, seeing as it doesn’t have an impact upon day to day living; but is does erect a large barrier in the way of a person who has a secret wanderlust.

A fear of flying can in fact be a terrible inconvenience. We live in an age where you can make your way all around the world in not so many hours so long as you go by airplane. It takes a whole lot longer when constrained by fear and therefore limited to other slower modes of travel.

For example, I live part of the year on the Isle of Man. At its nearest point the closest landmass across the water is just 18 miles. You can fly to Dublin or to Liverpool in 30 minutes. By boat it takes 3 hours or more. That disparity might not seem so very much, but you then have to drive to your destination and that could take many more hours. By airplane it would simply take a few more minutes.

In an era where so many people seem to be pressed for time, you simply do not have time to be afraid of flying. More importantly, though, it is not primarily a matter of time. Freedom is what the majority of people aspire to. Freedom of choice, freedom to experience and do the things that we simply wish to do.

Fear gets in the way of that freedom. Fear restricts and constrains a person’s comfort zone. Fears however, would appear to be annoyingly stubborn to shift. It seems that the harder you try to not be afraid the more afraid you become.

But this is only due to the way in which you are focusing upon overcoming your fear. You require a basic understanding on how your mind works to be able to successfully set about overcoming a fear of flying, or any other fear for that matter.

The harder you try to not think about something the more you think about it and as you think about it the emotion that is unconsciously linked to it is elicited. If you are afraid of flying your mind has stored flying as a “threat” and as soon as you think about it the symptoms of fear will be automatically and instinctively triggered.

Will power alone and focusing your conscious mind will not be able to circumvent this automated response system. Anything that is automated and instinctive is stored as a pattern of behavior in your subconscious mind. Your primary instinct is survival and thus anything that is considered a “threat” is taken very seriously by your subconscious mind. To change that pattern your subconscious mind is the part that needs to know that flying should no longer be perceived as a threat.

Hypnosis is the perfect vehicle to use when you want to send a specific and frustrating fear to a far off place. Hypnosis is in itself a state of relaxation. It is a natural and normal state, contrary to what some people might fear. Hypnosis is also easy to use, simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 recording.

More importantly, hypnosis does more than just allow you to relax, take a step back and see things from a different angle. Hypnosis provides the ability to access your subconscious mind where all of those automated and instinctive reactions and behaviors are stored.

Thus whilst in hypnosis suggestions can be made to alter those patterns and to pave the way for new and relaxed reactions to become the norm for you. By accessing your subconscious mind you can far more easily overcome fear of flying.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to help overcome fears including fear of flying.

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